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Something’s not right



Just wondering if how i feel is okay. The only reasons I dont want to end my life is because I don't want to hurt my family and friends. If these people didnt exist, I feel as though that if my life was to end tomorrow by freak accident or whatever, that I would honestly be okay with that. Does this make me a bad person? 


Re: Wondering..

@eclipse  In my opinion, definitely not a bad person. You obviously care deeply about your family and their feelings. That has to be a good thing.

I have had similar thoughts to yours, many times.


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Re: Wondering..

hi @eclipse
I don't think anyones a bad person for having these thoughts. we just want some reprieve from our mental health issues. I am glad those people do exist. perhaps finding other things you enjoy and give you lifes meaning would be a good idea too.

Re: Wondering..

Hi there @eclipse 
Having thoughts of suicide don't make you a bad person – it sounds like you are being hard on yourself there. Thoughts of suicide are probably more common than we often acknowledge and it's great that concern for your family and friends helps to keep you safe when you are finding it hard to care about your own life. I don't think we've met on the forums beofre and I am going to send you an email in a moment to check in with you that you are indeed safe tonight.
Take care eclipse.

Re: Wondering..

Hello @eclipse 

There are many reasons that life can get us down.  Feeling hopeless about the state of the world and feeling unable to inprove things in our lives can all be a part of despair. It is a big space to accept those feelings but know the difference between acting.  It is good to be able to work through those things with a therapist if possible.

Take Care

You Matter

Smiley Happy 

Re: Wondering..

Thinking of you @eclipse 

To me your thoughts show that although you are experiencing deep despair, you can still think of and care for others - definitely not a bad person. There are a lot of us here who have been in that headspace and come through. People who know what it's like would not judge. Try to be kind to yourself. I hope there is someone you can talk to offline too.

Re: Wondering..

thank you @frog, appreciate your thoughts and advice.

Re: Wondering..

thank you @Appleblossom , very kind of you to say. I appreciate your support and advice. You matter Smiley Happy

Re: Wondering..

I feel the same way

Re: Wondering..

Hearing you also @Titine  and welcome. You are most welcome to join any conversations.

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