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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor

bad memories from the past that can't be 'erased'

Does anyone keep getting 'flashbacks' from many years ago -

going back to school days - bad experiences in the classroom and things like that


It's incredible how they stick with you even many years later even though you don't

want to think about it


I reckon one of the worst things is the racism - I know this would not apply to everyone

but those non Anglos in here -


I reckon the racism is probably still pretty bad in schools nowadays but they cover it up

so that the schools reputations don't get affected


think of all the money those private schools are making from overseas students



Re: bad memories from the past that can't be 'erased'

We're sorry to hear that you are having flashbacks and experienced racism @jamesle2015, are you also having flashbacks of good experiences as well?

Re: bad memories from the past that can't be 'erased'

No...probably because there weren't any...

Do you get 'good flashbacks' from school days?


I get 'flashbacks' from the last few years as well - the usual things

e.g. was 'forced' to attend some family function,

iriitating people at work - mainly customers - a lot of people will struggle with that



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