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Senior Contributor


I'm so bad with decisions-

iv just had a guy quote me $100 or just over $120-140 for a lawn mow & garden tidy up for rent inspection/ I got a very good vibe off him, he was professional, had a ride on mower & I got the feeling he would do what he was asked- keep his word. 

Iv had another company older man & son it looked like quote me $75 to do the same to get ongoing- with spray for weeds also- I didn't get as good a vibe off them & they don't have a ride on mower- ( does that make job harder/ take longer??)--I'm so confused- IV said yes to both of them 

now I don't know who to choose. 

Who to cancel on. 

I get so anxious when dealing with tradies I just go along with what they tell me & not what I want & need 😭

Wish I had a partner to discuss this stuff with 😭

I think I want to go with first guy- but should I say to him IV had another company quote cheaper for an ongoing thing & also weed spray & see if he can do that? Because that's something we didn't discuss 😁


Re: confused

Hey again @Serenity1. It's not that often that I wish I had a partner or another adult around to make decisions, but this kind of stuff can do it. I really, really suck at things like this and can easily feel overwhelmed and confused too. Often when I'm needing to make a decision about something I don't know much about, particularly when the other person is some kind of he person expert, I feel anxious and all I seem to hear is jumble 😏

I do our yard myself and use a normal, not ride on mower. As far as that one goes, if your yard isn't giant a push kind of mower should do the job. In saying that, it sounds like you have a good feeling about the first person and that to me is usually a sign I'm making a decent choice.

If you feel comfortable doing so, it might be worth talking to the first place you contacted, perhaps asking them what is they offer for the big price difference. There could be something in there that they haven't mentioned that would make this decision easier for you. It's totally reasonable for you to ask about the weed and spray you were offered by the other people too.

Hope you can figure something out that feels right for you soon.

Re: confused

Wow.  Not sure where you live @Serenity1 But $120 is a lot for a mow and whipper snip.  Are they taking the grass cuttings away with them?  Maybe they sweep the paths plus extras for that money.  Or maybe you live on half an acre or more. 

I'd ask them to throw in the weed treatment as well. 

I strongly believe in going with your guy feeling.  So if you feel comfortable with the first man,  go with him. 

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