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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor


I am aware that i seem to experience all of my feelings very intensely but I really am not sure how to cope with this long term even when I feel nothing I feel an intense something but it is more like the feeling of not having a feeling if that makes sense. I just find it hard to not get pulled all over the place. I feel EVERYTHING all at once I can feel the plants breathing and the tension in furniture, the insects moving all around and the way the world kind of thumps lightly although it is not quite a thump it is more like a grinding gurgle.... but i dont feel these things in one place i feel them all over inside my body and outside and at times i can also feel my organs.... well actually if i focus in on them it is quite uncomfortable and i feel other things too things that are alive but have no bodies here. but i feel the whole world moving and it is very intense and i am not sure how to deal with it because it is very distracting. does anyone else get this? 


Re: feelings

hi @Eden1919
i dont experience all that you do but i do experience things quite intensley.
Are you finding what your experiencing distressing? does anyone know you experience things like your describing and does anything help you to manage?

Re: feelings

Hi @Eden1919 it sounds like you could be (?) a severe empath, highly sensitive person- I am also- I experience other people's energies, emotions, thoughts & feelings as so overpowering-sometimes, most of the time I cannot stand it- it can be disabling. It is hard to distinguish between my own emotions & thoughts & other people's nearby & sometimes even nowhere near me - because my energy tangles & entwines with others, I have been told I have holes in my aura - which I believe all empaths have- which causes the energetic merging & confusion-also severely experience the energies of places & things - I get dizzy, feel energy swirling around my head & me, feel physical very strong physical reactions including lightheadedness,feel sick, headache-the list goes on- it never goes away- it is something I was born with- as all empaths are- it's very draining-& there is no 'cure'
Empaths can feel things impacting the earth as also as the earth has an energetic frequency & they feel This also as they are energetic sponges & yes they can also feel things that are in other dimensions as well -energy beings that have no physical body - everybody has an energetic signature -empaths causes them to vibrate in such a way that they are more sensitive -when we interact with others who are of a lower vibration or vibrating on a different frequency it has a strong negative reaction in us- if you believe any of this it's completely up to you- this is just what I have come across in my research that resonates with me-
I use essential oils on my third eye as a barrier shield & swipe my aura ( when remember )- grounding in nature walking with bare feet on earth & sea salt bath or ocean is the best to help ease this IV found.

Re: feelings

@Serenity1 This is beautiful Heart

"Empaths can feel things impacting the earth as also as the earth has an energetic frequency & they feel This also as they are energetic sponges & yes they can also feel things that are in other dimensions as well -energy beings that have no physical body - everybody has an energetic signature -empaths causes them to vibrate in such a way that they are more sensitive"


Re: feelings

@outlander  it is often distressing if i am honest and sometimes because of these feelings i cant even get out of bed and no one helps me with them but i am frankly not sure they could anyway.... it isnt something that really fits with anything conventional medicine describes and non conventional medicine is also difficult as i sometimes find that very intense as well.


@Serenity1  well I cant say i exactly believe in all of the things you mentioned BUT i also cant say that they couldnt be real or true and i am open to the possibility. I do believe though that for whatever reason there are people connected in some way to things others dont seem to connect with. I regularly dream about things and then find them happening just as they did in my dreams but in real life and even to the point where i have met many people in my dreams before i meet them in real life and even sometimes know their names before they tell me. I have also had some instances where other things have happened that other would not believe but yet there have been many times and i do feel there are other 'relms' or something similar because of other experiences i have had. it is hard because i do believe as you say there is no 'cure' for whatever this is and like you i do feel this is not less intense but not the same intense when with nature and away from the city and then at least i suppose it doesnt feel painful as such. anyway i am glad there are others out there who 'know the feeling'. 


Re: feelings

There was a book out called


"The Unbearable Lightness of Being"


I have not read it but connected to the title a lot.


I have felt things like you describe sometimes.

Hugs  @Eden1919 


Re: feelings

OK so I resonate with a lot of the stuff discussed about being able to feel what other people can feel. A concrete example which has happened numerous times is when you're about to phone a friend, and they phone you. What's up with that?


And isn't it funny how we're talking about this 'new age' material on a mental health forum. I personally think there are many health benefits to meditation as a form of mental excercise and as you say cleaning off your surrounding 'aura' as a visualisation could help one to steel oneself against unwanted influence.


Re: feelings

i cna imagine it would be quite distressing @Eden1919
i was wondering if a therapist who also works on the more spiritual side of things would be something you could try out?

Re: feelings

Hi @Eden1919 

I feel a lot for others very strongly. I feel friends and family when they’re in pain. I understand so much of what people tell me. 

My own feelings are quite intense. 



Re: feelings

@Appleblossom  I have not heard of the book might have a look.

@astroboy  yes it is quite intense at times isnt it. 

@outlander  hmmm well if i could find one maybe lol i dont find psychologists in general to be very open to that side of things because their very profession kind of relies on the that all not being real for their view of the world to be valid. still there are always exceptions. 

@BlueBay  yes feeling others pain is not nice at all and the strong feeling are very tiring. 



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