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Re: why can't I cope longer?

Thank you @Eucalypt , I just took phone call from a friend who prayed with me, and told me I'm too precious to die (wow, go figure). Can't stop the tears and have a migraine so took a  pill for that, closed the blinds and will have a sleep. Its nice to have got some support here too. Thank you 💜🌷🦉


Re: why can't I cope longer?

I'm glad that some prayer and a conversation with a trusted friend has helped. Rest well @EOR.

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Re: why can't I cope longer?

@EOR  ... so pleased to hear you're okay. Really happy that you took that phone call from a friend.  She's right too ... you are way too precious to die.  Yes I figure they are spot on about that.  You are precious, a very good soul, one who has suffered way more than she should ever have needed to.  I hope that pill does the trick for othe migraine.  Tears unfortunately make headaches/,migraine worse I find.  Anyway have a good rest and I hope things look a little more rosy upon wakening ... precious lady.  You deserve all the support you get ... plus some.  Keep little Georgia close by you too.


Sherry 💕


Image result for live life the best you can and let god take care of the rest


Re: why can't I cope longer?

Hi @EOR I'm thinking of you (but this is me)....


Re: why can't I cope longer?

Aww shucks, that's cute   @Adge    thanks for thinking of ke. Yeah, we're kindred spirits in the low energy department 😴 Had to take lots of breaks today. Need to build stamina and start walking again, somehow. Got down after my neighbour / new friend died, shifted everything. Nee counsellor is a disappointment. What did you  do today?   How's our birds?


II Go another bad email letter from toxic bro2 yesterday. He even called me a cnt🤢, who does that to their sister? Its like he doesn't see me at all but some hidious creature from hell he must destroy. He scares me. I'm even scared to go visit dad  now. Maybe he hates himself, not me, it's awful, so irrational. Not sure how to get him to back off.  Good thing is I must be stronger because I'm not crying my eyes out this time. Learning O not reqc has been my biggest challenge.  Know you understand re your own family.  How's that brother of yours managing on his own? Life is hard, hey 🐦💜☔



@Sherry, love that saying you posted above. Really spoke to me. Have you had to evacuate yet? Hiwvl's hubby coping with the fire crisis around Yas? Had it triggered his anxiety? Hope he's words are kind to you the wk.  💜💜�



Re: why can't I cope longer?

Yes life is hard, for us both (I think) @EOR

What your bro said is just horrible, totally unacceptable. It would really hurt, & is no irrational (& uncaring).

My baby Java finches are so cute - with their little heads all poking out through the nestbox hole.

They're very curious about what's outside - one almost fell out, whilst looking out.

It was so hot today (40C), it knocked me for six - plus my neighbour's Boom Boom speakers (all day) driving me nuts.

Now they're having an all-night party (No thanks).

I hosed the 3 aviary roofs, to cool the birds down - I don't want to lose those baby Javas (or any birds).

My bro is in a bad state, since going home. They did not provide any extra support.

He has extensive scarring, & is losing mobility & body flexibility (as a result) - just as I feared.

I should chase him up (contact) - I've been so exhausted, that I just haven't.

My fatigue is worse in Summer, or as the weather heats up - my body just cannot deal with it.

My family - or relatives I call them, because I don't consider them family. They're totally weird.

My Mum in particular, does not take responsibility for anything she did (as a parent) - even though it was emotionally abusive. Severe childhood neglect, my Psych calls it (plus SA, EA, & PhysA).

Have a good night, I've goto go to bed (even if I don't sleep from neighbour's noise).

Hugs (((())))



Re: why can't I cope longer?

Love that you have baby Java finches bringing you joy @Adge. Good idea hosing down the aviaries re heat 👍

Hope those ignorant selfish  neighbour's + Boom Boom speakers give it a rest soon. What a pain. 


Yes, I think you should ring your brother briefly, let him know he's not forgotten, even if there's not much you can do. I understand the reluctance to get involved. 


Pitty the heat gets to you so bad, can you move south? or the high country? It was only max of 14 here today, really cold wind. 


That's a great idea... calling them mere "relatives" when they don't act like family. Gonna adopt that one 🤔👍

My mum was like yours by the sounds, scared everyone. But her passing last year seems to have ignited some strange behaviours in my brother's.


My sister wanted full control of dad and the estate, wouldnt even consider JOINT guardianship with me. Apparently she "can't stand me" go figure... So, she shot herself in the foot and quite  peeved that I made sure PUBLIC TRUSTEE have control instead  for everyones sake. So sick of them.


I'm sorry your family damaged you too Adge 💜


Have a good night (ear plugs)

(((Hugs))) back atchya 💜


Re: why can't I cope longer?

@EOR 💐💕


Re: why can't I cope longer?

@EOR @Adge hey so sorry your families are difficult. It is very tough situations. Mine is as well. Still try to recover from the intrusions my father did to me. The symptoms fluctuate . Feel vulnerable and sad often. And sort of broken in a broken family.Just resting by myself. It is good that I feel kind of safe for the night. @EOR you are so admire you. @Adge  really glad to hear your birds. Take care for the night.


Re: why can't I cope longer?

Hi @Meowmy Glad to hear from you.

Very sorry to hear that your childhood & upbringing was tough too.

Yes recovery does seem to be a lifetime process - especially when trauma was from family members or relatives.

Have a good evening.


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