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Something’s not right

Re: work and HR processesy

Hey @Summerxxd
If you tag members to your post theyll know your talking to them. To do this just put an @ and members names will come up just click on who your after. . If your in thw quick reply box then you'll need to type in the members name manually You can edit your posts to include the members name too, just click on the post options part on the post then click edit. Some members dont get notifications unless you tag them.
Hope this helps Smiley Happy

Re: work and HR processesy


Haha yes believe it or not I do love my workplace,

I work in a private hospital, and I think my line management work really hard to look after their staff whilst pleasing those up the line.  Some of my colleagues probably wouldnt agree with me but having worked in several places I think for such a demanding job we do have it better than most Definitely wont find this in a public hospital!

I hope you find a solution that allows you to keep your job.

Lucky I'm in a large department that usually has a large casual pool,

My problem will be that as of next week I will have run out of leave....



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