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How To Guide: Topic Tuesday

What is Topic Tuesday?

Topic Tuesday is a live, facilitated Q&A style discussion with a special guest who is a subject matter expert. We run Topic Tuesdays every fortnight, and let our community know what topics are coming up via email.


As the name suggests, it is held on a Tuesday between 7:00-8:30pm (AEST/AEDT). Each fortnight we focus on a different topic with the session facilitated by a Community Manager or Moderator, and joined by a Peer Support Worker.


How do I get involved?How To_ Topic Tuesday (1).png

Our text-based event takes place right here in the special events section of the forums! As it is text-based, no software is needed. Just log into your forums account at the time of the event and follow the discussion. Don’t have a SANE Forum account? Sign up here.


Throughout the session, the facilitator will post questions for the guest to answer, and you can provide your answer too. To contribute to the event, just hit the 'reply' button and share your thoughts. No answers are right or wrong, and everyone is welcome to get involved! For information about how to reply to a post, check out the FAQ section.


During the session, keep up with the latest posts by clicking the 'refresh' button on your browser for the newest comments (posts don't automatically load). The refresh button looks like this:

refresh button.png



Keep an eye out for page numbers at the top & bottom of the page and jump to the highest page number for the most recent post. We recommend using a desktop computer or laptop for the event for overall ease of use .


How do I receive a reminder?

In the lead up to the event, you can support the post where the discussion will be held to get a notification from the SANE team 30 minutes before the event starts.


We also send an email out to our forum members to let you know this discussion is happening and when so you can plan ahead.


If you have posted about a similar topic, we may also tag you in events you might be interested in.


What if I can’t make the live event, but I still want to read the discussion?

If you can't make it to the live event, but are still interested in the topic, you can always read back through this discussion at a later time. All our previous Topic Tuesday live events are available on the forums for you to read back through when you have time.


What time does this event start in my timezone?

Screen Shot 2021-04-12 at 12.02.10 pm.png

Where are Topic Tuesday discussions held?

Topic Tuesdays are located in the “Special Events” areas of the Lived Experience Forum and the Friends, Family and Carers Forum.


How are topics chosen?

We look for suggested topics and common themes in our community, then reach out to experts.


You can also suggest a topic of discussion by emailing your suggestions to


Where can I find more information and FAQs?

If you have any questions about how to use the Forums, check out our Forum Community Guidelines and FAQs. 


Topic Tuesday discussions can cover some heavy topics. If you are feeling distress during live discussions, there are support options available to you. You can start a new discussion on the forums and talk to other members, contact the SANE Help Centre on 1800 18 7263, or find crisis support options here.


Re: How To Guide: Topic Tuesday

Hi I would like to join the topic Tuesday forum. How can I do that? Cheers Viv 

Re: How To Guide: Topic Tuesday

Hello @Vivcapes,

Welcome to the SANE Forums. We are so pleased you have joined us.

In the post above, you will find the instructions on how to access the Topic Tuesday event.

The next event is being held on Tuesday 29th March 2022 and the link to the discussion is:

Please simply login to the forums and access the above link a few minutes prior to the event. 

Please let me know, if there is any further information you need.

Thank you

ButterflyBeauty 🙂

Illustration of people sitting and standing

New here?

Chat with other people who 'Get it'

with health professionals in the background to make sure everything is safe and supportive.


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