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Senior Contributor

Topic Tuesday // Exercise as Therapy // Tues. 19 June 7pm AEST


We’ve all heard over and over again that exercise can be beneficial for your health. But can it be beneficial for your mental health too? Research is beginning to explore the role of exercise as a therapeutic intervention for a range of mental health issues ranging from depression to PTSD. For this Topic Tuesday, we’ll be hearing your stories about exercise – what you like, what you dislike…and most importantly, what works to support your mental health.

So please join us, to share your experiences. We promise, no running shoes or lycra required 😜


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I'm new here - what is Topic Tuesday?

Topic Tuesday runs from 7pm - 9pm AEST monthly. Each month we focus on a different topic, with the session facilitated by a Community Manager or Moderator. Sometimes Topic Tuesday will feature a special guest, who is an expert in the topic.


The first post of the thread (this one) will give you an idea of what the topic is and what will be covered.


How do I get involved?

Topic Tuesday takes place right here! It's text based, so no software is needed. During the session, to keep up with the latest posts hit the 'refresh' button on your browser for the latest posts (it doesn't automatically update). Keep an eye for page numbers at the top & bottom of the page, and jump to the highest page number for the most recent post.


Throughout the session, the facilitator will put questions out for you to answer, usually asking for your own experience on the topic. To contribute to the session, just hit the 'reply' button and share your thoughts. No answers are right or wrong and everyone is welcome to get involved.


If you have any questions about how to use the Forums, check out our Guides


Re: Topic Tuesday // Exercise as Therapy // Tues. 19 June 7pm AEST

An important issue to be discussed. mental stress is leading people toward disorders like bipolar disorder, depression, which not so good for health and due to these issues people start taking pills and medications. sometimes these medications also turn out to be harmful. Resolving it with natural methods is better, like 'zovon Healthy Mind, Healthy Body 9 Foods to Improve Your Mental Health'

Re: Topic Tuesday // Exercise as Therapy // Tues. 19 June 7pm AEST

@jesseca I agree and Hello.  I'm new here too.  I took a class once that focused primarily on helping people with seseanol depression with methods that are natural.  I don't think that drawing away from medications is a complete answer either though.


I can't wait until Tuesday!!

Re: Topic Tuesday // Exercise as Therapy // Tues. 19 June 7pm AEST

Hi @jesseca and @PatchouliRose

A healthy lifestyle can certainly improve our mental health - nutrition and exercise are key parts of that. And for some people, medication can form an important part of improving their wellbeing too. Look forward to tlaking more with you about exercise during tonight's discussion 🌻

Re: Topic Tuesday // Exercise as Therapy // Tues. 19 June 7pm AEST

Hi everyone,


Welcome to tonight’s Topic Tuesday!


Special shout out to those member’s who liked the post to be reminded of tonight’s discussion: @FeeFee1976 @PTwithMDD@Mulgajane@Cutiepie-2018@PatchouliRose@BlueBay@Flyingbutter@Teej@HayleyC@Adge@Sherry@Former-Member@CheerBear@frog@Bdazzle


Looking forward to talking about all things exercise 🤾🏼 🏀   🤸🏾  🏊🏼


This discussion might interest you if…

  • You don’t exercise
  • You do exercise
  • You’re curious about exercise
  • You want to explore the relationship between exercise and mental health


For those of you who are new to Topic Tuesday, this is how it tends to go….


I’ll be raising some questions for you to consider. There’ll be around 10-15 minutes for everyone to respond to each question. This is a forum for peer support and discussion so don’t hesitate to jump in and chat to other member’s and raise your own questions on the topic too. 


Note: We acknowledge that everybody’s ability and experience is different. We recommend consulting with your doctor prior to undertaking any new exercise routine.


Self Care


If you find this topic triggers you at any point please take care - take a break from the screen, engage in self-care, or call our helpline for support on 1800 187 263. If you need more immediate support, please contact Lifeline on 13 11 14.

Re: Topic Tuesday // Exercise as Therapy // Tues. 19 June 7pm AEST

Research suggests that exercise has a role in preventing depression and improving our mental health. In a study by the Black Dog Institute, they found that 12 percent of depression could have been prevented by one hour of physical activity a week. Pretty eye opening.


I thought I’d start today’s discussion by asking what drew you to tonight’s Topic Tuesday and what do you hope to get out of the discussion?

Re: Topic Tuesday // Exercise as Therapy // Tues. 19 June 7pm AEST

Thanks for getting us started @Margot I'm hoping to get some ideas on how to incorporate incidental exercise into my day. I do a bit of walking, yoga and some physio exercises that focus on strength and mobility. I always feel better for it.

Re: Topic Tuesday // Exercise as Therapy // Tues. 19 June 7pm AEST

Hi @Margot @jesseca

great topic. I struggle with exercise. The motivation and the anxiety thst goes with it. I guess I joined to see if I can get some help advice or tips to help me. 

Re: Topic Tuesday // Exercise as Therapy // Tues. 19 June 7pm AEST

@BlueBay I often feel very self concious when out and about. Is that where your anxiety comes in? Once I get moving I find that exercise helps my anxiety a bit.

Re: Topic Tuesday // Exercise as Therapy // Tues. 19 June 7pm AEST

Hi @frog@BlueBay Welcome Smiley Happy


Sounds like you both have varied expriences with exercise and are seeking ideas and advice around increasing exercise in different ways. 


You pointed to something quite interesting too @BlueBay around motivation and exercise which I hope to explore further in tonights discussion too. 

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