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Online Course on mental health, PTSD

I have just found  started a course online from Mindspot ( dealing with depression. PTSD, mental illness etc and coping with them. It is run by therapists and they have changed it as they get feedback from past participants.


It is an 8 week course with 5 modules. You do an online assessment and apply, then when they have a course starting they tell you how to enrol. It is totally free and you can ask for regular calls or messages from your therapist if you want to. Have just received the first lesson and will post some info that I find interesting/useful. Will be able to tell all as I get through if I think it is helpful and worthwhile.



Re: Online Course on mental health, PTSD

nice @cutiepiekitty

hey @EOR it's over here my friend

Re: Online Course on mental health, PTSD

Thanks @Hamsolo01 👍

Re: Online Course on mental health, PTSD

@cutiepiekitty Hope you like it.

Smiley Happy

I did it a few years ago and found it helpful.

Smiley Happy

Re: Online Course on mental health, PTSD

Thanks @cutiepiekitty  ... I have subscribed to this thread, and looking forward to further updates.


Re: Online Course on mental health, PTSD

@cutiepiekitty curious to find out how you are going as I've just signed up to this? I really hope it helps as I'm struggling pretty bad this time around usually I can get through it but I think I've kept everything in for so long it has finally caught up with me and starting to have panic attacks I'm starting on the 18th of nov 

Re: Online Course on mental health, PTSD

Hi @Jaz5  I started last Monday. The first lesson is basically just basic info

-about PTSD

What is PTSD

Trauma symptoms + cycle of symptoms


sleep rhythms and 

sleep routines. 

The only work in it is a symptoms worksheet.  


There is quite a bit of info in it and have read it several times already. They also have a male and female as case studies where they answer the questions and tell a little of their story.


I find it is well written and quite easy to understand

Re: Online Course on mental health, PTSD

sick 👌

Re: Online Course on mental health, PTSD

Hi @Brownbear @Jaz5 @Sherry @Appleblossom @EOR @Hamsolo01 


Second lesson is really perfect timing. It is all about physical symptoms, over and under arousal, and the spiral that leads into a panic attack. Makes a lot of sense. Also goes into waays that you may be able to get grounded and a list of suggested activities.


After the hard session I had with B on Monday, it was perfect as it helped me with what I was going through at the time

Re: Online Course on mental health, PTSD

Its good they have changed it to include more about PTSD rather rabbitting off about various diagnoses and meds.  I might have another look at it, as I have had to source my own learning on neuroscience from the internet in general.

Cheers @Brownbear @Jaz5 @cutiepiekitty @Sherry 

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