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  • Author : Appleblossom
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  • Topic : Looking after ourselves
Community Elder

Hello @mum8891 

4 young children, home schooling, autism and BiPolar in one family is a huge load. No wonder you are feeling burnt out, exhausted and at snapping point.

The main thing I have learned in recent times is to keep doing SELF CARE.  Keep topping up your own engine.  Perhaps the GP visit could help. Or reduce your expectations on yourself.  I know a lot of mothers recover a little when their children go to school, but you are not getting that time out.


I home schooled a little and know there are postives in that too, but maybe you need to re arrange your ship a little.  You are the centre of things, and have probably been a wonderful SUPERWOMAN for so long, you are forgetting to accept your humanity.


One year I gave myself permission to zone out to Neighours before I regathered my energy to do dinner.  Its what works for you, but some way of putting the brakes on can help.

Take care

Smiley Happy


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