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  • Author : WayneOZ
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  • Topic : Looking after ourselves
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Hi Folks, I am new to this site today. In fact this is the first time I have contacted a third party on this topic.


My wife has been living with depression since she was 16. She has been on an off her medication over the years and is now 41.  We were married in 2012 and have two beautiful kids together (ages 6 and 3).


Most of the time she is in a good place and happy however after being in this place for an extended period of time she decides medication is no longer required and under medical supervision she starts to ween herself off of her medication.  She is doing this again and I believe she is now 100% off of her medication.


When she is in this state she has significant mood swings where one minute she is in a good place and then ten mins later completely uncommunicative as she becomes overcome by rage and anger. She does not get violent and the only abuse that takes place is verbal towards me.


I know this is her illness coming through and try to provide her with love, reassurance and support. That being said she continues to attack me every day and blames most of her (our) problems on me. Going home to her each day becomes difficult now given the verbal barrage I know that I will face. I start to question myself, my worth and if I really am the root cause to her problems.  We have gone to marriage counseling and a lot of what we discussed is in practice already but back to square one it seems as though.


I need to look at this from another perspective and was hoping someone here could provide me with their own experience and how they deal with this. I exercise regularly, eat very healthy, try to get sleep (have two little kids and puppy though), and am trying to make friends (new in Oz).  I have a very demanding but enjoyable career that I love.


Any bit of direction or advice would really be appreciated.




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