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  • Author : Shaz51
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  • Topic : Something’s not right
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helllo @greenpea , @outlander , @Dec , @Former-Member , @Determined , @Darcy , @Smc , @Jacques , @Adge , @Appleblossom 

Only had a 2 hour job today

Then had a free heart check for stroke which the chemist was displaying , get results later

And Mr shaz changed his mind and did not get it done

Took my blood pressure at the chemist  and it was 147 / 97, so the specialist  was concerned, so wants me to make a doctors appt and then she did an update with me on the computer and did a printout to take to the doctor @Faith-and-Hope 

then Went and saw mum and put her washing away and did other thing for her xx

this afternoon Mr shaz went to the doctor --he  has to get 3 sun cancers removed in October

Finally got home at 3 pm after getting some things for mum down town

relaxed for the afternoon , coffee went down quick xx

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