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  • Author : greenpea
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  • Topic : Something’s not right
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@Dewdrop  Hi Dewdrop and welcome to the forums. I have schizoaffective disorder and find that the medications do destroy my s@x drive, make me tired and dulls my mind (makes me put on weight too) .... wonderful .... on the upside they have made me calmer, less dark and make me like 'normal' people. It is a catch 22 for me. I hate the meds and can understand completely where Brian is coming from on the other hand I need the meds to keep me sane and from what you have written so does Brian....


At the end of the day though Brian is an adult and has the right to choose whether he is on the medications or not. He can only be forceably admitted to hospital if he is a danger to himself or others. 


I hear you totally that you want your old Brian back .... schizo is a dreadful illness .... btw I think how your are handling the situation is perfect giving yourself space from him is a very good idea whilst he is going through this. I hope my words help a bit that you are not alone. greenpea xxx

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