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I'll try and keep this as brief as possible.

I have no friends (I don't mind that). My fiance is my best friend and we have a great relationship.

My family (or lack thereof) are nasty pieces of work who would rather see me homeless and fail in life than thriving and succeeding. My mother in particular has told me to "lower my standards" in terms of life and career. I don't think my aspirations could get any lower honestly.

I haven't had mental health issues for at least 5 years, until about 4 months ago when a call centre job and the nature of the calls really broke me.

Since then, I've struggled to keep work as I cannot focus. I have a constant threat of homelessness over my head. I won't have this share house after June 30th, and I mentally cannot handle sharing a house again.

I've been applying for new rentals with no luck. I don't have a lot of rental history. It is clean, but without any constant income, they cannot possibly rent to me. I don't blame them.

I've been down this road before of homelessness and trying to dig myself out. I had to do sexual favours and work with people who are unsafe to be around just to pay rent years ago. I refuse to do that again.

I can't go through this system again.

Before any of you make a suggestion: I have utilised all the free sources available to me that I can think of. I used the EAP when employed. I've used all my Medicare ones. I cannot go back on Centrelink, as I've (willingly) quit my other jobs. I don't want to go through the charity system of homelessness again. It's extremely demoralising and heartbreaking. Thanks.

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