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  • Author : simontemplar
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Welcome to my first day time post.  It is more to learn how this system works, Am I replying to the last post in this thread.....or to all the posts. I am sure I will soon learn. So you may ask why am I posting during the day, after all the sun is up, birds are chirping (squawking) , I really do not know why I am posting ( i remember the days when posting required a stamp...Smiley Happy ) I will admit this whole being a part of a forum is not entirely my idea and I certainly am not sure what it will do, and I am constantly fighting the urge to delete the whole thing and yet I keep typing (and yes i realise that I am typing that I continue to type.....this is getting moronic).  I read the replys to my last post and it took me a little while to work out what MI meant ( i was hoping it wasn't myocardial infarction)  The one thing i  have learnt is that everyones journey ( i hate that term too) is different and what works for some may not work for others, but the one thing one must do is continue on, for the only alternative is...ending.  So I have said to myself  "Self lets see where this goes" .  With no great enthusiasm and extreme trepidation (man i love spell check)......foot lightly on the accelerator....lets see where this goes..

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