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Hi @Razzle 


It's a difficult situation when children start having children and the situation with the girl's mother must make it seem impossile - so what can you do?


I would't want to do a 400 km journey to have a meeting at the food court somewhere either - and it does seem as if you are being pushed out and sad to say - there is not much to be gained by pushing back - so I think that having some access to the infant is what needs to happen and your son can continue his uni studies - I think that's a must. He can offer his baby so much more when he has good prospects and he can be a happier person when he is not compromised


And the girl doesn't sound at all stable - perhaps you can get more time - who knows. As rough as all of this is it can't be worked out ahead of time - it's a case of wait and see - wait and see - and more wait and see. Be as supportive of your son as possible


And he sounds like a decent young man - the world needs good men - as @Appleblossom  has already said



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