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  • Author : outlander
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  • Topic : Looking after ourselves
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@EOR @Hamsolo01  Just tagging you both over here as you were interested in this topic too. 


EOR said:

Hi @outlander (stranger), nightmares can cause much distress. I find unprocesses or unresolved events of the day, or last couple a days, sometimes surfaces in dreams, when we're relaxed... seems that's the only time our subconscious can get our attention.
A bedtime ritual often helps me wind down.
- JOURNALLING helps my brain tidy up a messy day. First I summarise in point form what happened today... Then, if anything needs more attention I give it a paragraph or two on it.
- MOVIE... maybe a real good 'feel good' favourite movie could help to calm the mind, distract, evoke nice feelings...
- Fill the mind with good happy, peaceful thoughts.
- BOOK that's captivating
- PRAYER... just tell God everything, and evoke the power of the cross over your life.
- LIFELINE phone call...
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