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  • Author : outlander
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  • Topic : Looking after ourselves
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Sounds like your mind isn't in the greatest place at the moment hey @Sans911
Just going to take this time to send a gentle reminder that you mean a lot to many. You are a big sister I never had Heart

I don't think your lazy at all, I think the lack of motivation and 'bleh' that goes with mental health issues is holding you back.
I wondered if there is a group or if you could find out if others are studying the same as you and make a group of your own. might help make studying fun and have others to bounce ideas off?

I don't really think anyone really knows what their future holds. we are always changing and life likes to throw unexpected challenges our way too. I have know idea what my future holds or what I want either but maybe we don't have to know. maybe just going with the flow and doing the things we like to do is enough until we figure out what direction we want to go.


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