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Hello Everyone Smiley Happy

My Sister has just left this morning, in fact she sent me a text whilst sitting at the local coffee shop Smiley Happy The same coffee shop that we'd gone to the previous morning, on our way into the city for what turned out to be a rather huge day; - but on the previous morning . . . that coffe shop didn't have any coffee!!! Smiley Very Happy . . . sounds pretty similar to the Pub with no beer! Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy Part of me stills thinks - only in a small rural town! I'm happy to announce that the local coffee shop had coffee this morning Smiley Very Happy

I'm heading into town today, though I don't usually go into the coffee shop - that's definitely a me & my Sister thing Smiley Wink But I'm definitely going into the library for DVDs. I'm already over my 40GB allowance for the month & I've still got a fortnight to go! I've got chicken & fresh colesaw here, from last nights dinner: but I'm still heading into town . . . just me, myself & I . . . well - I'll probably throw the puppies in the back - . . . of my ute, that I'll be driving into town. I got the all clear for driving again!!!!! Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy

I saw the oncologist & took my first hormone pill last night - so I guess time will now tell if or how they may or may not affect me. Every time I go into the hospital in the city, it's freeky who I cross paths with. My deceased bothers wife for instance, voluteering to assist patients & visitors travelling & finding their way around. This time it was my more estranged sister's best friend & her partner, both have cancer & happened to have appointments around the same time & on the same date as me! Go figure!!

My sister's best friend has been recieving all the recommended treatments, but the cancer keeps returning - she looked ok, in her facial expressions etc, but her voice had an underlying saddness - I don't want to, nor can I imagine what it would feel like to undergo such harsh treatments, that they don't even deny are harmful to your body & health, in the hope that it will make the conditions in your body so bad it will end the cancer; just to find out it hasn't. On top of all that she's got her partner going through the same thing at the same time! I'd seen messages on my sisters fb page saying "poor S, she's so sick"; so I knew the treatments had affected her badly. I think she said this would be the 3rd time for her!

I'm no doctor, but I imagine it has extended her life span & I know it's her choice to face the discomfort. I guess I just don't understand why someone would make that choice? But then I don't have a partner with cancer, or a partner full-stop {I don't even want one}, & although it is wonderful to have my daughter & my sisters back in my life - they all live several hours away, on a day to day basis I don't interact with anyone.

That is the way I choose to be, it gives me the best quality of life; I'm not complaining, things are the way they are, I am the way I am. I guess I just choose to accept that I die? I'm not talking suicide, I'm not 'looking forward to it', I just know everybody does it. I don't believe death has a number, I don't think we're all suppose to make 80-90 years; & I don't think over half a century is young! . . . I got so sick of hearing about how young & fit I was! At best {& I'm pushin' it} I'm a middle-aged smoker! {with many health
That 'sweet talk' has simmered down with my more recent appointments, once I tell them I've decided not to have chemo or radiation, but am trying the hormone. It's not 'sour talk', they're still lovely mannered, kind & caring - I'm surprised at how many people I've come across, in the public system, that are in the medical profession for all the right reasons! Smiley Happy I guess being a doctor, nurse, admin, caterer, cleaner, etc. in a public hospital would give you a lot of experience . . . fairly quickly Smiley Wink Those employed in such large facilities would probably come across the most variety of individual thought & emotional processes - basically I think they get shock-proof & learn to accept another individuals beliefs & opinions . . . I don't think that's such a bad thing?
I only had the 2 appt at the hospital & they were finished within a few hours, while at the physio appt, the lady mentioned getting a tight singlet for a bit of compression around the scarring. Oh, & apparantly I've got 'cording' on the scarring under my right arm, where 11 nodes were taken. She said they didn't know why it happened & not to be surprised if it 'popped'! She also gave me some stretching & massaging excercises & said that may be when it will happen. She didn't mention it hurting & I think she would have if she expected it to. So now I can kind of look forward to this creepy 'popping' under my right armpit whilst stretching & massaging it -because she said it was a 'good thing' Smiley Wink & that it will probably lead to the tightness in my right arm, alleviating Smiley Happy Weird thing to to be 'looking forward' to still Smiley Very Happy
We went to Target for the singlets & I ended up getting a couple of crop tops. I think they may actually be 'training bras' as they were from the girls section; I tried on the xs singlets in the ladies section, but they didn't feel like there was any compression! Without the Ecups it seems I have a fairly small chest Smiley Very Happy Though I think my individual thought process is making it a little harder because I never, ever, wanted to have to worry about bras again! . . . I just have to keep telling myself it's a 'crop top', it actually looks pretty good & makes wearing my favourite silk tops more publicly acceptable Smiley Wink
Well . . . I've been writing this for a couple of hours now Smiley Happy I did go out & do my naked sun-worshipping while I did my excercises. I call the Universe Hughy, I was really grateful Hughy opened the clouds long enough for me to finish my excercises & get my morning high density natural radiation treatment Smiley Very Happy It's back to being over-cast now. But considering it was 38 the other day, the last day of the heatwave; I don't mind it being overcast & cooler today Smiley Very Happy I mean, imagine if a drop of moisture fell out of the sky, as it does sometimes when it gets overcast enough! Even if that doesn't happen, a leaf may be granted a drop of dew Smiley Happy They are definitly clouds, not the strange orange haze that's been around the past few days during the heat wave; & clouds mean moisture somewhere Smiley Happy
I want to do a few things, oh boy have I got some dishes to catch up on. My sister washed up the last time she was here, but this time the 'washing up' has to be done in the bathroom, down the laundry end, with a 12 volt pump . . . she didn't know  what to do {She proudly annouced this morning, that she'd changed over the gas canister in the portable camp stove I use at home Smiley Very Happy} There's a bucket of clothes to be rinsed, water to fill . . . bathroom & kitchen to flood Smiley Very Happy etc, etc. Plus I want to go into town to visit the library . . . so I'll stop blurbing on with my rave & say . . .

Love to all that need or want it <3

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