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I have been in to see Cat. SHe knew it was me and even started purring. The vet was surprised she knew I was there straight away as she is still under some sedation after her op. The specialist did the op and I have spoken to him also. He is very happy with how it went and although it was a long surgery he feels hopeful they got everything. The biopsy has been sent off to see exactly what it is but he is very hopeful that if it is what they think it is then they have got all of it. They did a full body x-ray and nothing else showed up anywhere so that is a positive too. If it is cancer then we will cross that bridge when we come to it and work out the best continued treatment. 


I had a conversation also with her regular vet (who assisted in the surgery). They need to keep her in for a couple of days at least as she is still not out of the woods yet. The next two days are critical - she needs to be able to heal a little, be able to come off sedation, eat and drink and most importantly not have any infection from the surgery. They had to take out part of her small intestine and attach it back to the large intestine therefore there is an increased risk of infection from that. They said it was very clean but they are treating her with antibiotics to try to fight off any infection that may occur. 


We should know more by Saturday and the vet is going to call in the morning. So for now it is everything crossed and the hope she makes it through tonight.

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