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@greenpea  hmm depends what is being triggered.... if we are speaking schizoaffective stuff then i guess it depends where i am as well. normally i will try and ignore whatever it is which usually means i go very quiet for a while or I will say I am tired and go sit away from everyone and listen to music for a while. music is good for me because even if i hear things through the music i can pretend it was the music but the harder things for me are like when I feel like someone/thing is putting thoughts into my head or when I get scared people are not really people or they are trying to mess with me. in those cases i do a few things 1. try and stop for a second. 2, think about where i am and if it is safe to do x. 3, try and think about it so if i am worried people are out to get me then i will remind myself that if they truly are and it is everyone like i think it is then they will get me anyway and i cant do much about it or it is best that i dont give them any clue that i am onto them. but if i am paranoid usually my biggest concern is not letting them know that i know which just involves more blending in.


if it is for mania stuff though that is a lot harder I struggle with this especially talking non stop sometimes i will like cover my mouth because i cant stop or literally bite my tounge. but i try and make sure i have a lot of breaks and time alone where i can sing and dance around to music as long as i want. 


but i guess another thing that is both lucky and not lucky is my OCD kind of puts a major dampener on my psychotic stuff because it is so intense and has to "approve" literally everything thing/step/thought i have that any of those thoughts are kind of screened in a way and while sometimes they will win often the one that draw attention will get postponed until i am alone. and sometimes they will be arguing so like the voices will say something (they can read my mind as well) and then the ocd stuff comes up (this feels like a whole other person in my head) and then they will be making desicions about what i have to do next and i will just be sitting there like actually everyone i am supposed to be studying. so idk i feel like i do act weirdly and do stuff i wouldnt it is often when i am alone because thats when they let me. it is like my body get hijacked as well but that is another story. 


sorry that was long and idk if i even answered your question. 

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