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SRae - profile picture

Is this a form of work place bullying?

This comment has been moved by a moderator to another part of the forum where it might be more easily found by the community. ... Read more

Tracey3 - profile picture

Is this a form of work place bullying?

If somebody is being made to feel like they're being pushed out of the job and feeling like they're not even allowed to talk for fear of being reported for everything the ... Read more

florenceforty - profile picture

Losing people left, right and centre.

EDIT: Please don't reply, I have asked that this post be deleted. When people leave your life, generally other people replace them. It has been two years, and I have ... Read more

Zoe7 - profile picture

Love for Shaz51 💖🐦

As many may already know - our wonderful forum friend @Shaz51 recently lost her house in a fire. Shaz51 not only has been the 'keeper of the birthdays' for many ... Read more

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