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Saf - profile picture

Constant pain

Hello im sorry this turned into a vent, ive suffered from depression anxiety for years now, im on meds and talked to psychologists but dont feel like ive gotten anywhere. ... Read more

Maggie - profile picture

Self Blame. Self Hatred. Why does it feel safer.

My counsellor and I use a diary, it’s somwhere I can write my thoughts in between appointments. We swap each week, as she responds to some of what I have written. Th ... Read more

dontrainonme - profile picture

Emotional Invalidation from family

Hey Guys! I have begin to recognize that my whole life i have been taught that feeling negative feelings or thoughts is bad and needs to be avoided at all costs. I w ... Read more

Delirium1 - profile picture

Dissassociative disorder buddies?

Hi everyone, Wasn't planning on asking cos I figured I wouldn't have much luck but I've been trying to find a childhood trauma support group that operates online (li ... Read more

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