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Looking after ourselves

Re: Decluttering and home maintenance

Balancing people's needs and party needs.

I hope and trust you will eventually find a way.

Smiley Happy @Smc Smiley Happy

Re: Decluttering and home maintenance

@Smc our party days are over. we don't have a space either to entertain guests. don't try to fit into some one else's norm. your fine just the way you are.😊

Re: Decluttering and home maintenance

Haha @Darcy  ongoing. 

Just realised I have not done the boys lunches yet 😴

Vaccuming will have to wait till tomorrow. 

Have one load of washing on the line and another in the machine. 

Would not usually hang washing over night but air is so dry it should be fine. 

Re: Decluttering and home maintenance


It has been heartening that in recent times you have been able to sort some items and make progress both inside or out.  Small efforts repeated often will lead to success.

images (25).jpg


images (24).jpg


Re: Decluttering and home maintenance

@octavia, my norm is sociable and creative. At the moment, I haven't got the energy, mental space or physical space to do much of either. This is me trying to reclaim "me". Too much of "me" has been smothered under repeated ongoing crises, and the lack of physical space is, I suspect, largely symptomatic of that.
I'll always like having things and books and projects around me, I think. I'm not at all ashamed of that. But presently, there's an overload of stuff, some of which is sheer junk, but which I haven't had the time of energy to deal with. It's draining, and adds to the stress and depression, so even if no-one else was going to see our house, I'd want it sorted.

Re: Decluttering and home maintenance

Ta @Darcy. Smiley HappyHeart Is all such a mammoth job. Am hoping that at some point I reach that critical mass point where the progress becomes visible...



Re: Decluttering and home maintenance

@Smc  keep up those small efforts on a regular/daily basis and it will happen.  You have had the courage to take many small steps and sometimes larger ones with a bit more practice, you might find you can manage the larger steps regularly too.


As @Appleblossom  said being in the right place where we have been willing/able to make a start makes all the difference.


 @Determined  this could be what is happening with you.  If there are some items you have seen that have caught your attention as no longer being useful,  perhaps even setting then aside in a box for Darling to check through when she gets home could be worthwhile.


I did not put any time pressures on myself early on, it would have likely been unproductive, perhaps because my resolve only extended to the one item per day but understand others find them useful. The one in/two out rule and then our house move did however accelerate the process.



Re: Decluttering and home maintenance

Someone once said to me each family has its own rhythm. 

Seems some truth in it. 

Smiley Happy



@Smc  Hearing you about managing crises and trying to find yourself.


Re: Decluttering and home maintenance

@Darcy ,  you have a lot of changes pending, very unsettling all these Reno's. Haha, you made me smile with your  new iron...  how  clothes really do look better ironed 🤣


Hi @Smc  @octavia   @Determined  @smc and everyone... @@ Not ignoring you, just having trouble comprehending, or something. Try again tomorrow xox

Re: Decluttering and home maintenance

Haha @EOR  @Darcy 

You just reminded me I also have ironing to do.


@Darcy  I got darling a cordless iron a while ago.  it is the best 😁


Her old faithful was well past its used by date. The best part and bonus points was how her pretend friends at the time reacted to me giving her an iron. I wrapped. It up and put it under the Christmas tree for their benefit lol


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