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Looking after ourselves

Senior Contributor

Time for a break

Hi @NikNik @CherryBomb @Faith-and-Hope

@Decadian@utopia@pip@Former-Member@Shaz51@Appleblossom@Former-Member@Former-Member  @Change123 @Silenus @Former-Member @Former-Member@Former-Member@PeppiPatty and so many others who on are here (I'm sorry I can't remember names at the moment)

I think I need a break.  A break from the forum.  But only for a little while.  I feel so sad Smiley Sad in leaving because i have made so many beautiful caring supportive friends on here and it's not easy to not be on here even for a little while.

Because of my BPD and attachment issues I struggle so much and feel so alone without you guys. I couldn't have gone through the past few weeks without all of you supportive, pushing me to get up and sending me some beautiufl hugs.  I really am so lucky to have all of you in my 'cyber life'.

With tears flowing so much at the moment I just want to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

I am struggling at the moment, I am not sure if it's beause of the meds changing so often; not having a weekly psychologist or it's just me.  

I always try to be a nice person and sometimes it may not come across like that but believe me i wouldn't hurt anyone.  

This is feeling like saying 'goodbye to my old friends' but i know deep down it's not.  It's just a break for a little while.  I bet it doesn't last probably a week I give it!!!!

I now feel so lonely without you guys Smiley Sad

i will miss you all, but I know i will be back.  

take care everyone and I will be thinking of you all. HeartHeartHeart


Re: Time for a break

@BlueBay. Take care of yourself now. You need time to heal and recuperate. We'll still be here when you return. We love you and know you need this time. Be kind to yourself and be selfish too.

Re: Time for a break

Take care @BlueBay.  Try to relax and enjoy your camping trip.  It might be "just what the doctor ordered" .... 

It sounds to me like a family meeting to help your husband and kids understand your health issues better would be a good idea.  They may be pressuring you in ways that they don't realise are having an effect on you that spins you out, and then they can feel out of control too.  Illness isn't just about the sufferer, it's about the carers too.

Anything that keeps the dynamic on a positive note is a good thing ....

Big hugs @BlueBay ..... 💜💐🌷💕🐠🔦🏞🌳🌻🐾

Re: Time for a break

take good care of yourself @BlueBay

It will help having a break, I do this quite often and yes I usually say it will be for a month and within 2 weeks I'm back (yes attachment issues) but you will feel a lot "lighter" you wont be thinking of everyone's issues just concentrate on you right now.

As @Faith-and-Hope said having a family meeting might be a good idea at least that way they know what your pressures are and triggers are and remember there is nothing wrong with asking for a bit of help.

Lots of hugs will miss you!HeartHeartHeart

Re: Time for a break

@BlueBay. It's not goodbye. We will still be thinking of you and will be here when you come back.
Enjoy your weekend. Breath and relax. Try not to think about anything in the future. Just focus on where you are at the moment. I bet you have a fantastic trip. Enjoy!!!!♥♥♥♥
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Re: Time for a break

Hi @BlueBay. I just wanted to wish you a really relaxing and calming holiday. It felt a bit weird to me not coming on for a bit but then it felt like a relief. Coming back on bought mixed emotions for me as well. Just do what feels right regarding coming back on the forum because you don't need this as another stress or worry of abandonment so if it's only a day or two don't worry. I hope the weather behaves for you and you enjoy this time, you deserve this break 💜🤗

Re: Time for a break


It's important to take care of yourself and do what you need to do to work on your wellbeing.

Really glad you're doing what's best for you.

Take care


Re: Time for a break

@BlueBay darling lady see you soon


Re: Time for a break

Take your time and catch up with yourself @BlueBay


We all need to have time out at times - it's normal


And you have a lot on your plate


See you when you return - and yes - you are a pleasant and friendly person - just overcome with your life - we understand that



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