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Looking after ourselves

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When caring for parents

 Continuing from out topic tuesday last night  we are talking about caring for parents with mental health challenges, and some of the experiences that arise when the roles are flipped; especially as an adult child of someone with a complex mental health diagnosis.


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@ElsaDawn , @Darcy  @Nong1990.

going from last night

It’s not always easy to feel positive about the person you care for and at times we may even feel frustrated. Off the back of this we can occasionally be faced with feelings of guilt, even though there may not be any need for it.

our next question is

What are some helpful ways someone could reframe guilt and be gentler with themselves in the process?



Re: When caring for parents

This is great @Shaz51  so keen to hear everyones insight Smiley Happy 

Re: When caring for parents

Hey @Shaz51 @nashy  and anyone else joining in.  Re :  reframing guilt - I would say acknowledge that you are doing the best that you can and make sure your needs and those of other family members are being met as well as the person you are caring for.  Sometimes this would involve reaching out (e.g. to your state Carers Organisation) and finding a way for everyone to have respite.  After all, as they say, you can't give from an empty cup.  Looking after yourself actually means you have more capacity to care for others.


Re: When caring for parents

acknowledge that you are doing the best that you can---     very true @eth 

I always feeling i need to do more  and to be there for my mum more Heart

Re: When caring for parents

Love these insights @Shaz51 and @eth  Thank you Heart

Re: When caring for parents

@Crimnerd @Razzle  @Determined @Adge @Sally , @nashy , @CheerBear , @eth 

@Tru3man  @Star321 @Ledy 

@ElsaDawn , @Darcy  @Nong1990., @nashy 

how are you all today

sending you all hugs and love and we are here for you anytime

Re: When caring for parents


Here is a discussion thread in relation to caring for parents.

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