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Christmas was...

Hi everyone Smiley Happy

Hope you all have had a safe and relaxing Christmas break these past few days! For me, Christmas was fairly low-key this year – just a few casual get-togethers with family and friends. I am curious to hear how it all went for you and your loved ones, so I thought I’d start a thread and ask the question - How was Christmas for you? What did you get up to? How did you celebrate this year?

To share a bit more about your Christmas experience this year, simply fill in the blank: 

“Christmas was…”





Re: Christmas was...

hmmm, quiet and relaxing - just what I needed. Smiley Happy

What about others @Janna @Carer101 @Shaz51 @Vicki?


Re: Christmas was...

Hi , how are you

our Christmas was very nice , relaxing and wet ,

Boxing day was visitors, nice, relaxing and wet ,


Re: Christmas was...

Hi @Shaz51

I'm great thanks! Smiley Happy Sounds like you had a bit of soggy Chrissy. Did the cyclone pass by ok?


Re: Christmas was...


still only a LOW

No cyclone yet

making up its mind -- will i turn into a cyclone or a rain depression ????


Re: Christmas was...


Well we were invited to a BBQ tonight , my husband slept to 10 am today , had a sleep this afternoon and had a headache for the day , it has been raining hard all day -- by this afternoon i was thinking he didn`t really want to go , i was right . -- i am glad now as it is raining so hard , wet and yuk


Re: Christmas was...

hi @CherryBomb,

A quiet and relaxing Christmas. Sounds heavenly. Mine was okay better than the last couple. Had some happy family times. 


Re: Christmas was...

Christmas this year was one of the best I can remember due to the absence of my personality disordered soon-to-be-ex. We totally relaxed with a couple of friends who stayed over for two nights.  We ate what we wanted to eat, when we wanted to eat. We had conversations that were not dominated by one opinion, did not turn into lectures and did not end in an argument.  We istened to music that we all enjoyed, played a board game like a bunch of kids and watched a movie that required a twisted sense of humour.  It was great and a stark contrast to last christmas when police were called and an urgent AVO was issued.  My son kept a very low profile and was mostly confined to his bedroom, however, he did join us for all meals at the table and was part of the gift giving.  All up it was wonderful and such a nice way to wind down on what has been a very eventful year.

Hope everyone else's christmas was great & that 2016 brings with it lots of positive new beginnings.

Janna ❤️


Re: Christmas was...

I’m seeing a theme of enjoyable relaxing Christmas holidays here, how wonderful!!

@Carer101 I’m glad to hear you had some happy family times Smiley Happy

@Janna that’s fabulous that this year’s Christmas was one of the best you can remember! The two words that your post conjured up for me were freedom and fun – does that resonate with you? Glad your son got involved in meals and gift-giving too.

I also had a lovely relaxing Christmas, although it was a tad rushed attending multiple events! Highlight was meeting my cousin’s new baby girl, such a little cutie!

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