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Re: oRe: Let's relive the 1980's

just took 5 mins to 'support' last post internet and or site had enough tonight might go to bed

Re: oRe: Let's relive the 1980's

Re: oRe: Let's relive the 1980's

Hiya @Sweet_cheeks 

I started this thread only two weeks ago, so very brand new.   Thanks for joining in.

Flock of Seagulls had great hair back then as did Pseudo Echo.

Love the story about sitting in the car pretending you are going back to the future in a delorean......brilliant!!!!!!


My all time fav band was (and still is) Queen, but listened to so so many other bands and music genres (still do).  Loved Michael Jackson, Pseudo Echo, Crowded House, Split Enz, Mental as Anything, Billy Idol, Phil Collins, Madonna, Wham, Melissa Etheridge, just to name a few lol.

Here is a classic Crowded House song....................

Re: oRe: Let's relive the 1980's

@Scarecrowe  I lived in New York in the 80's so I didn't hear much aussie music except for land down under which drove me crazy. I heard this crowded house song when I came back to Oz. I remember them as Split enz. It's a lovely song though.

Re: oRe: Let's relive the 1980's

Oh wow living in New York @Sweet_cheeks  in the 80's that is very cool.  That is one place I would love to visit.   That would have been pretty amazing.   

Yes two members of Crowded House (Neil Finn and the late Paul Hester) were members of Split Enz.  When Split Enz broke up Neil and Paul started Crowded House with Nick Seymour (who is the brother of Mark from Hunters and Collectors).   Neil's brother Tim (who was an original member of Split Enz as Neil joined them later) also joined Crowded House for a while but has not been a part of them for sometime.  

It is a beautiful song...........Neil Finn is an amazing song writer.  Crowded House's first album is one of my fav all time albums.....have it on record and is another song from that first self titled album.................

Re: oRe: Let's relive the 1980's

The first one had interesting facts Big Mumma lol @Appleblossom pity the crim didn’t get movie rights lol

Re: oRe: Let's relive the 1980's

Gee @Sweet_cheeks 

Smiley Happy

that would have been interesting. I was in Amsterdam when first heard Land Down Under. It def made world charts.


Pity about copyright issues there tho... Lots of flow on issues about who gets credit in this world. @TAB sie!

Smiley Happy



Gf took me to see Split Enz at the Palace in St Kilda.  Kiwis have been a great plus in this corner of the globe.

Smiley Happy






Re: oRe: Let's relive the 1980's

lol @Appleblossom  they're welcome, sure it will happen again. This seems to have really struck a chord sorry, thats in pun territory re all music refs.

I did realise you werent here early 80s. think young people starting come here then , but mostly poms

anyway its 39 pages so far so things hard to bothered looking for .. kills sponteneity of finding something, well a thread .. that 'gets you'  Cat Happy

Re: oRe: Let's relive the 1980's

@Scarecrowe  That's a great video I love the toys. The chord changes are great and I like his voice. They look like fun guys not earnest. I loved New York. There was a lot of crime in the eighties but i was a teenager and It didn't worry me. I'd go to parties and people would brag about being mugged. The music was great. I saw the clash on a concert next to the Hudson River that was probably one of the best. I used to go to CBGB and the paladium and a few others. I even went merengue dancing with a bunch of panpiping guys from peru that my friend had met busking on the subway. I fit them all in my station. There were a lot of them and we drove across the brooklyn bridge to go dancing. They were short and I was tall. Anyway New York is great but Chicago is better except for the shooting.

I like an american singer songwriter called ty segall. If you have a chance check him out. Most of his songs are good but not all. I think he was born in the 80's so that counts for this thread doesn't it.

Re: oRe: Let's relive the 1980's

@Appleblossom  It's hard to come up with enough words to rhyme with under. chunder thunder blunder. wonder.  We aussies put a or o at the end of words. THere should have been some of that in the song . I like rap when it rhymes with hilarious words I wonder if anyone can rhyme with ambulance or a word like that. I can't think of anything. I like the third man guy the richie benaud impersonator who wrote australiana but it's a bit rude. That came out about the same time. One of my aussie friends gave it to me when he was visiting.

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