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Senior Contributor

Who Loves Reading Books?

There are so many book subjects out there.There's fiction and non fiction. I love the non fiction books books myself. Here are some of the book subjects I like to read:


Astrology (and I'm a bloke).

Self help.

Dating/relationships/friendships,etc.(and I'm to stay motivated).

tv shows/movies


books on pets like cats and birds

Digital photography

Home renovating

Any books on my favourite cars

Writing music

Motor racing,etc.

Built up a big collection of books.I own too many.

Reading is good therapy.There's a lot of things to learn and relearn.Reading is good therapy. I buy my books.I dont get out to a library.

Over to you..... What book subjects do you love to read?




Re: Who Loves Reading Books?

I love the non fiction books too @Denv12  Smiley Happy

Digital photography

cooking books

self help

I buy my books too

how about you @Appleblossom , @Dec , @Darcy , @outlander , @Sans911 , @Hamsolo01 , @Faith-and-Hope , @greenpea 

trying to think of our book lovers

Re: Who Loves Reading Books?

@Shaz51 @Denv12  I love crime novels. They are my favourite. When I was younger I was a history nut and read everything about Tudor history. These days is strictly crime and Australian authors.


Re: Who Loves Reading Books?

have you read the Poldark series @greenpea , they say they are good

Re: @Who Loves Reading Books?

@Shaz51 No I haven't I will google them and have a look Smiley Happy. Ty Shaz51

Re: Who Loves Reading Books?

Political, history, crime and andventure books over here @Shaz51
Need to get back into it actually

Re: Who Loves Reading Books?

sounds good @Hamsolo01 Smiley Happy

Re: Who Loves Reading Books?

Hi @Denv12  nice to meet you 😊

I love reading:


books on mental health and borderline personality disorder (which is what I have)

childhood trauma 


romance books (to inspire me lol) 😂


Re: Who Loves Reading Books?

I have hundreds and hundreds of non fiction books,will reads most books that are non fiction or do it your self books, Had to obtain a shipping container to put most of them in . Couldn't bare to part with any, I get knowledge from books and "Knowledge is Power"......

Re: Who Loves Reading Books?

Great topic @Denv12

Thanks @Shaz51 for the mention

When I downsized recently my bedroom had to fit 3 bookshelves. Love books
My subjects are

Crime and forensics
True stories, usually about overcoming adversity
Historical novels
Cars esp unusual or collective
Mental health books
Self help books
Cats and cat stories
Recipe books although I rarely use them
Aromatherapy books--lots of these
and prob lots of other.

I borrow from libraries and own lots, but buying more second hand these days as I can't afford the cost of new and novels are put in the little libraries in my area

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