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Senior Contributor



i know everyone affected is struggling with the impact of the bushfires. 
I don't know how to cope. 


Re: Bushfires

We have bushfires here in WA too, and while I can smell the smoke I'm not so affected by it.

Is it a physical affect or mental @Aeiou?

Re: Bushfires

Hi @Sans911 

It's both. Breathing is difficult with the smoke and the constantly changing conditions in our area are hard to see. The bushfires are about 5km from us now and we've had towns already affected and I don't see an end to the bushfires as we live surrounded by national parks and the fires are growing fast. We're ready to leave if the call comes for evacuation. It feels like it's just another thing I cannot cope with. I jsut try to keep busy and numb myself. I've pretty much cancelled christmas, no decorations, no tree, it just seems all pointless at the moment. Not like it would have been a big christmas, we don't have friends anymore, they all dwindled away since I became sick and it's only my partner and me. I just want to sleep until the new year or just give up.


Re: Bushfires

@Aeiou  I am sorry we are having a boring Christmas as well no tree and we can’t get to see the family we normally see because the fires are closing roads all the time. We are also getting smoke and I feel like I am constantly on standby because we have quite a lot of pets so I get worried that we have to get them out but it is all making me very anxious and sad and I feel very hopeless because I can’t do much to help. I also keep getting so angry at the government and I am getting to the point where I can’t keep listening to the news or going on Facebook because it is too much. I am sorry I don’t know how to cope either I just keep trying to remember that there is only so much I personally can do and that we just have to do what we can. 


Re: Bushfires

hi @Aeiou 


bushwalking is my only way of coping with my complex mental health issues. It is really all I have. It is really all I have to cope.


My beloved bush? the poor old bush & all its' endangered plant & animal species are at risk at summer.


Bushwalking is off now & for summer because it's now bushfire season & I don't believe in putting myself at risk. The SEC and emergency services have enough to deal without me irresponsiby hiking out in bushfire prone areas with high risk total fire ban days.


I fully believe in taking 100% reponsibility. I stay out of bushfire  prone areas for a good 3 months.  


If you are at risk I suggesst you do the same to minimise risk to yourself and personal property. I do.


Climate change means more severe fire events more often. I do everything I can to combat that with lowering my carbon footprint & formally campaigning to the relevent govt ministers to address carbon outputs & climate change policy reform. I really do, I'm a active campagner despite having debilitating schizophrenia & personaity disorder.


I wonder if you an have the strength to be active like me, with debitilating complex mental health problems like me?


Or at the very least you can listen to the ample warnings to evacuate on high risk days.



Re: Bushfires

ohhhh hugs my @BryanaCamp , @Aeiou , @Eden1919 , @Sans911 

it is sooo dry up here my fiends ,lets all pray for rain xoxo


Re: Bushfires

Sorry it's taken me a while to respond @Aeiou. That close to you must feel like a constant threat hanging over you. Christmas is so hard for many of us here (me included) so it must just make that make worse. Please don't give up. In time both will be over. Let your forum friends help you through. I know well regarded and loved here. 💕💕💕

Re: Bushfires

hey @Aeiou
im hearing you on the impact of these fires. its incredibly scary.  we were in the danger zone about a week back, thankfully we aren't in that zone now but we get a lot of the smoke haze. 5 horses have just come into my care for evacuations from  further north so theres one less thing for those owners to worry about. the property im at  is basically at full capacity but I said id help with their care so we can take on a few more if need be.
its incredibly scary watching the news and seeing the updates, I really feel for those who are still in the danger zone. our family feels it quite abit as 2 of our family members (and some of their closest friends) are volunteer RFS so always hoping for good outcomes every time they are called out for another shift.
Don't give up, Christmas while its a big special event isn't as important as keeping you, family and pets safe from a fire. you and your partner can find other ways to make it special. find something that feels meaningful to you both and build on that.


Re: Bushfires

Thanks @outlander @Sans911 @Shaz51 @BryanaCamp @Eden1919 


we got our evacuation message about an hour or two before it was too late to leave. So we're stuck at home. Got everything ready, but not looking forward to a night on fire watch. I think most of our neighbours have stayed or were forced to stay and hope it won't be as bad. The constant sounds of fire brigades, helicopters and water bombers is wearing me down. The winds are still going strong. I hope the fire rating will soon go down to watch&act. I'm exhausted.


Re: Bushfires

Hugs my @Aeiou  xxxx

My S1and Dil is in the firing line 

Keep in touch with us @Aeiou  xx

@outlander , @Sans911 , @BryanaCamp , @Eden1919 

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