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Something’s not right

Re: Not sure what to do !!!

thank you @Shaz51
sending gentle hugs to you and much Heart

Re: Not sure what to do !!!

ohhh @Dec , @Darcy , @Maggie , @Smc , @Appleblossom , @Determined , @Sherry , @Adge , @Faith-and-Hope , @outlander , @greenpea , @Jacques ,


got home at 2-30pm totally aching after work

so I rang my kidney specialist

and he told me it is because of my uric acid which is high plus other things that are high

but he is happy and he tried to assure me that it is a good report of where i am now

( well , i real don`t want to see it when it gets worse )Smiley Sad


as well as work , we cleaned mum`s house , had morning tea with mum

and she has annouced that she has "Dementia "

Re: Not sure what to do !!!

Did Mum say what lead her to reach that conclusion @Shaz51 ?


My mum tells me she is planning on going into a home after an event. This did happen once before and she changed her mind. In between this time and last time she did spend a fortnight in respite so will see what eventuates this time.


Re: Not sure what to do !!!

there is not much to be done with the uric acid and toxins in the body

because of the kidney filters are damaged , it mean that the toxins will go back into my body instead of the toilet

soo it will be the diaylsis in the future

I can only take panadol , nothing else

also to cut back on high purine foods and drink more water


Did Mum say what lead her to reach that conclusion ?


I did not quiz her too much yet but she said that she is repeating stories

also starting to forgot why she walked in a room for , then goes back to her chair

with repeating stories, i know her sister ( my aunty would tell her ) if she is repeating herself , or saying wrong things

we had morning tea with mum when she told us but

mr shaz made light of it saying that he can`t remember things , and forget names straight away



Re: Not sure what to do !!!

hello @Darcy , @outlander , @Sherry , @Smc , @Determined , @Dec , @greenpea , @Faith-and-Hope , @Adge 

@Darcy, mum said yesterday that she is going to stay at home as long as she can

and then move to the aged care part of our little hospital

lot better today -- soo she says

we changed her mattress to see if she has a better sleep

Re: Not sure what to do !!!

A decent mattress does make a difference @Shaz51 hopefully Mum will get a good nights sleep.

Re: Not sure what to do !!!

We swapped the mattresses and she said she had a good sleep last night @Darcy 

She went to bed early and had to take half a tablets when she was awake to sleep again 

Re: Not sure what to do !!!

Hello @eth  this is about my mum xx

Hello @Darcy , @outlander , @Smc , @Sherry , @Determined , @Jacques , @greenpea 

mum did some gardening yesterday -- ohhh dear me my poor darling mum xxx

Re: Not sure what to do !!!

Hi @Shaz51   I've replied on your thread re husband - probably should have put it here.  Take care of you today lovely xx

Re: Not sure what to do !!!

ohhh @Dec , @Darcy , @Maggie , @Smc , @Appleblossom , @Determined , @Sherry , @Adge , @Faith-and-Hope , @outlander , @greenpea , @Jacques ,, @eth , , @Sally , @Sophia1 , @Sophie1 

interesting morning at mum`s

I watered the gardens for an hour , it was soo lovely , I really enjoyed it listening to the birds and just watering the gardens

then i cleaned mums house and then i watered all her pot plants under the leanto

and then I washed her floors and folding her clothes from the dryer befor mr shaz came

mum is still thinking she is getting dementia

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