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Looking after ourselves

Re: Carers under 30...

thank you @Sherry
its not that i dont want to be a carer but the pressures are getting to me quite abit lately. i dont feel like myself at all and professionals not listening to me doesnt help.
When my mother gets a job in either area she chooses- i wont say which 2 but itll also increase the care ill undertake for siblings with probably more mornings, and/or afternoons as well as possibly some weekends and also night/sleepovers as well.


no, no secrets here, its not that i dont want to post to others, honestly im not feeling all that needed or wanted at the moment. seems to be the story of my life. i like doing my check in when i can and its nice to know you like them. my natural reaction to things when things are harder is to shut down but it doesnt really havy anything to do with others. the hiccups ive had here have taught me that when people dont respond, react well, seem to be pushing me away i step back and allow others to support more and give that person/people a chance to talk to someone else. make sense?

Apparently all my pop has is short term memory loss not dementia. i suppose thats ok but it is hard repeating myself 10 times a day over several things every single day. i cant leave him that much unfortunalty because he is stuffing around with his medications now too, i found 4 doses in one section and hes skipping alot even with my frequent reminders along with locking me out of the house or the opposite and leaving the house unlocked when no one is home, leaving things in unusal places so even though i can leave the house i cant leave for those longer periods of time.

yes im recieving carers payment and while thats ok, becasue he isnt assessed for other things he isnt qualifying for the my aged care thing and the stress of NDIS is way to much for either of us to handle at the moment so its taken alot of things out. no one else seems to be helping, i asked this gp i spoke to which has a huge interest in aged care (the reason i made him pops reg gp) wasnt much help in that area either. i feel so guilty for even asking for help, others have is so much worse than i do. It is my responsibility though becasue i am his primary carer so i have quite abit of responsibilities associated with that...
There is no one else to care for him, it is just me (and yes 22). as i said though its not so much that i dont want to be a carer but some support or a break every now and then (including from siblings) would be nice. the next steps would be an aged care facility though im not to sure the aged people tend to go in those, hes in his early 70s so i dont think hes old enough for that as yet or quite incapable to need that much care

i thought about nusrings, womens health, working in a mh unit or something along those lines but i dont know. how can i do that if i struggle to cope as a carer...

i dont have many plans as yet, if the camp is still going ahead which apparently it is the arvo will be busy transporting, setting up and settling. not looking forward to it so much now. i will have both tonight in a tent and then just me and middle on sat night as the youngest one is suppose to have a finals event thing for the other sport.

i also have to reschedule some appointments because i cant afford it nor can i afford pops specialist appt on tuesday. ive already pretty much used what i had on paying bills this week and pop doesnt get paid till after tuesday so ill have to reschedule that too.

glad your hubby is coping even if feeling unwell, his friends sound good though. washing sheets etc sound good while you can. fresh sheets are always good.

Re: Carers under 30...

ill be camping so no power except a place to charge my phone if need be @Smc if i have them on a weekend or something i tend to have a movie with some snacks, or i take them for a drive along a scenic route. i quite enjoy doing that too.

Re: Carers under 30...

We were camping at the event we went to last weekend. We slept in a shelter that was "open to the public" for a display during the day, so we had to have all the bedding etc. safely out of sight before the gates opened each morning. 
The evenings "after hours" at our event were pretty sociable, with everyone getting together to relax and chat and eat after the day's event was over. Does that happen at your horse events?

Hope you get decent weather for it. If it's nice enough, you might be able to take the "youngers" out for a moonlight walk/play.
I remember when I was a kid, if we had friends visiting for dinner, we'd sometimes be allowed to go to the playground across the road. Not when it was really dark, but until the dark-ish end of dusk. I loved the novelty of being there after our usual informal curfew. Sometimes it's the simple things that become happy-memories moments. You can't really orchestrate those moments to make sure they happen, but you can put the chances in place for it.


Re: Carers under 30...

nah the horse events we are generally up early and can pack up once we leave or pack up slowly through the day. the events dont usually finish till about 3 or 4 and its on private property (or council run but private through fees just for the horses and nothing else)
theres no parks or anything where we will be, they have evening events and there will be other people there with kids and things as well.

it should be ok, its jsut harder to be around people or cope when im not in the best state @Smc

Re: Carers under 30...

Quick wave @outlander

Re: Carers under 30...

@Darcy 👋

Re: Carers under 30...

Keeping you in thoughts @outlander 

Re: Carers under 30...

Thinking of you to @Darcy and @Shaz51 @Smc @Appleblossom @Sophia1 @Sherry @Faith-and-Hope and hoping your ok or getting moments of peace 💞

Re: Carers under 30...

Ta @outlander , and ditto to you.

Not too bad today. Next challenge, getting some decent sleep..


Re: Carers under 30...

Some decent sleep sounds good to me @Smc hope you can accomplish that

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