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Looking after ourselves

Senior Contributor

Thinking of you...

@Shaz51 @Sherry especially thinking of you both this morning. I hope today is better than yesterday. 😊 xx


Re: Thinking of you...

Awww gee @Tufftimes  thats lovely of you .... thanks so much.  You are very kind.  I too hope today is better than yesterday.  I really am tired of the build up of constant bad news I've been getting lately.  Its kind of hard to see through it all sometimes. Your message helps though, knowing others care and are here to have a chat to when you need a kind word or a sympathetic ear.  


Sherry 🧡


Image result for you are very kind thankyou

Re: Thinking of you...

hello @Sherry , @Tufftimes , thank you Heart





busy day today , a bit tired but am ok Smiley Very Happy

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