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Re: Re:@ A long rave

Sending condolences for your loss @Shaz51  and sorry to hear the rest of your news.  Stay strong lovely - YOU ARE!!  xxx

Re: Re:@ A long rave

thank you @eth , how are you , been thinking of you lots xxx

Mr shaz does not really want to go tonight


Re: Re:@ A long rave

Feeling bowled over by news of Christchurch shooting.


Re: Re:@ A long rave

Wow @Appleblossom ..... I hadn’t seen the news today .... 😔😥😥😥

Re: Re:@ A long rave

Good morning to @Faith-and-Hope @Appleblossom @Shaz51 @eth @CheerBear @Exoplanet @Adge @Mazarita  it is rather a subdued morning this morning  .... been raining all night here as if it is cleansing away all that has occurred across the ditch with our cousins yesterday. This is why I prefer animals and insects to people far easier to understand. Wishing everyone a calm and 'pea'ceful day ahead with loads of love. Love greenpea xxx

Re: Re:@ A long rave

Hi and good morning @greenpea  Wondering if you're still around?

What a mixed day yesterday was - both extremes of human behaviour.  Hundreds of thousands of school children around the world marching for climate action and then events in Christchurch.  No words could be adequate from me about the 2nd one.


I'm going to the farm early this morning for the weekend so if I've missed you I hope it's a good one for you.


Hi also @CheerBear  @Appleblossom  @Faith-and-Hope @Shaz51 @outlander @Exoplanet @Zoe7  @Adge  and anyone else who might be around this early morning.


@Adge  sending the hope that your fever clears up quickly xx


@Shaz51  will be thinking of you today too xx

Re: Re:@ A long rave

Hi @greenpea xx

Re: Re:@ A long rave

@eth  Hi eth wishing you a fab time at the farm. Hope it doesn't pour on you Smiley Surprised raining like crazy here (not complaining Smiley Happy).xxx

Re: Re:@ A long rave

@eth  I am stuffing my face full of healthy food this morning and enjoying the rain with rabbit lying beside me Smiley Happy

Re: Re:@ A long rave

@greenpea  it's raining on and off here too.  Which reminds me I must check the forcast for the area I'm going to.  But I've already got my waterproof boots on and rain jacket and umbrella packed - that's about as much as I can prepare for it.  At least I'll be in the caravan this time and not my little tent.

Your rabbit always sounds so civilized - the one we had a long time ago was wild and couldn't be handled at all, let alone sit quietly beside me!

What are you up to over the weekend?

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