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Family carer and how to handover to NDIS

Hi all,

New to this forum. Looking after my half brother who has a range of conditions, primarily epilepsy with an ABI. He is 47, and we have just in the last year finally secured him a place in supported care here in Brisbane. However, since then I have been pushing for NDIS. Finally, it has been approved, but very frustrating when he is under Adult Guardian and Public Trustee. I seem to have a good rapport with both these organsiations and I talk wiht both his case managers - our combined problem seems to be the supported care facility. I think they want to employ or push for their care plan person to come from their organsiation, but AG have selected another - and now it seems there is some push back and nothing seems to be happening - meanwhile I am still hvaing to clean etc and look after A until this comes into being! Plan was approved last Dec! So frustrating. Have others had this happen, are you in a similar situation with a loved one? By the way, Mind Aust have the NDIS care plan, but seem to be getting nowhhere.... 


Re: Family carer and how to handover to NDIS

Welcome to the forum @Stevo421. It sounds like you're travelling in circles, so it's understandable that you're feeling frustrated. Carer's Australia has some resources that you may find helpful in your NDIS journey, which you can find here: Are there any other family members that can help you sort out this process? 

Re: Family carer and how to handover to NDIS


Thanks for the link. After I posted this yesterday I spent more time tracking down the NDIS Minds Aust person who has been now given the go ahead to work on care plan....amazingly I was able to speak with him and he is now on board, as he was not given any real info as background....we are meeting soon with my brother. There is only myself and our mother, who is in her mid 70'a now, which is why I have taken this on. To make it more curly, I was adopted at birth, so my brother never met me before his ABI accident, so some days he has no idea who Iam lol....other days I'm sis Smiley glad I found this forum. Just a place to get clarity I guess.

Re: Family carer and how to handover to NDIS

That's so great that you're looking out for your brother @Stevo421, it's so important to have a support network and you're building the right one for him. We're so pleased to hear that you got through to the NDIS Minds Australia person, things sound like they're falling into place. How are you going, are you also looking after yourself through this? 

Re: Family carer and how to handover to NDIS

Hi again,

Yes, I work in welfare so am always conscious to look after number it has been a long journey, one which I took on after our mother was finding it really challenging. Having the welfare background has helped a bit, Im not scared to ask the curly

Re: Family carer and how to handover to NDIS

Having that experience is great @Stevo421, you would know all of the right questions to ask! How was your day today? 

Re: Family carer and how to handover to NDIS

Hi Ali,

All good news, we have a meeting with the planner this week! Yay, list of questions, anything else I should think of to ask?

Re: Family carer and how to handover to NDIS

Hi @Stevo421 

Looks like things are track which is great - just thought I'd offer another potential resource in your Queensland which is ARAFMI. They are an organisation dedicated to helping supporters, carers, friends and family of people with mental health issues. We also did an event with them here where they spoke about Carer Coach which is a service that supports a carer through getting their loved one into and through the NDIS system. They also have a helpline! 

Re: Family carer and how to handover to NDIS

Wishing you the best with your meeting @Stevo421, did you manage to catch @Lauz's post above prior to your meeting?  

Re: Family carer and how to handover to NDIS

Thanks Lauz,

Will definitely take a look. We are meeting with the care planner today so fingers crossed! Have a list of things to discuss so one day at a time,

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