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New Contributor


Hi all!

I live with Bi Polar I, PTSD and Anxiety. I’ve joined this forum as a way to connect with people who experience some of the challenges that I do.


That being said, I do have a pretty wonderful life. Cats that I love and some wonderfully supportive people around me.


So Hello!


How are we all tonight?


Senior Contributor

Re: Hello!

@misscecilia  Hi misscecilia and welcome to the forumsSmiley Happy. I am doing well tonight and I hope you are too. I was firstly diagnosed with bipolar 1 and now am diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder.  There are lots of people who love cats on the forum in fact I am sure there is a cat thread called all about cats! if you want to take a look Smiley Happy.


Another good thread to take a look at is the good morning thread. It goes on 24 hours and is a nice way to meet different people. Anyway I will let you go but just another thing if you want to talk with someone inparticular put a @ infront of their name like I did for you and they will receive a notification of your post Smiley Happy.


Take care and I will see you around the forum. peax

Senior Contributor

Re: Hello!

Welcome @misscecilia. I love cats. How many do you have? 

Senior Contributor

Re: Hello!

Welcome to the forum @misscecilia. I was diagnosed with Bipolar 2 last year  Hope you are able to connect with some people here.


Take care 

Community Guide in Training

Re: Hello!

@misscecilia  Welcome. Look forward to seeing you around.


Re: Hello!

hello and hugs @misscecilia , thinking of you oday , how are you xxxxxx

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