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Casual Contributor

How to let a friendship go?

Well since moving overseas to Australia I met only one good friend in 2014. We’d see each other weekly. We had a argument in August 2018 and began talking again Christmas 2018, but things aren’t the same. We both accused each other of jealousy. Now I’m left completely friendless.


I’m not a big fan of social media and lately she posts lots on fb and I see she’s made a new friend. The comments are like their best friends or something. It’s hard to see bc she was my best and only friend. How do I let her go? Why can’t I be content with my husband and son? That’s another thing, I was pregnant and just entering my third trimester when she stop speaking with me so when I needed her most she wasnt there. I’m so angry with her about that. The last time I saw her was 3 weeks ago. She knows I suffer from social anxiety and depression but I feel like she forgets. During our argument in August she brought up how I don’t comment on her fb posts....she doesnt get how difficult that is for me. 


Since having bubs ive been joining groups through the council and start mums group soon. Hope I can get at least one good friend out of it. 


Sometimes I think I’m destined to be alone. 


Re: How to let a friendship go?

So do I @Agirlhasnoname social anxiety is so hard to deal with its an absolute nightmare the more you stress about apearing awkward or people noticing- the more awkward you become & then people notice 😭

Re: How to let a friendship go?

Hi @Agirlhasnoname, sorry to hear you feel you are destined to be alone. Friendships are just like relationships in that they take work from both sides, but it is completely normal to feel hurt when a friendship might no longer be fulfilling your needs.


As a new parent things can be even more tough and it is great to hear you will join a mum's group soon. Are there any other activities you enjoy that you could safely participate in with your son – like a walking group, baby yoga or swim classes?


Re: How to let a friendship go?

hi @Agirlhasnoname and welcome
letting a friendship go is very hard thing to do esp when you still see them around, social media etc. i can relate to that, i didnt have an argument with the 2 ladies they literally walked away from the friendship we had with not even a peep. like you i see them on social media etc as well. i occassionally talk to them but like you it isnt the same as before.

theres nothing wrong with wanting friends along with your family. everyone deserves to have freinds as well.

I hope that with joining in with new groups youll be able to make some new friends.

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