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Casual Contributor

Potential psychosis

Hello I'm new and I'm looking for advice concerning my 24 yr old daughter. She lives a few hours away from me so I don't see her often. Only speak on the phone. I am worried she may have developed psychosis as she smokes cannabis and her thinking has changed . She is erratic does not make sense when she talks and has lost so much weight it's frightening. She can be very scary to talk to so I don't know how to help or if this will pass. I've noticed a change in her wellbeing since she started smoking cannabis last year. Does any one know anything about this topic.


Re: Potential psychosis

Hi @Snickers1,

I'm Flipper one of the SANE moderators- welcome to the forums!

It sounds like you're going through a really difficult time at the moment, and it can be really scary seeing changes in our loved ones and feeling as though the situation is not in our control. Does your daughter have a sense of awareness around these changes you've described in her behaviour?

It's great that you've reached out on the forums, it's really important to have support. You'll find many different stories on here and even if someone hasn't been in your shoes specificaly they will often offer a needed shoulder to lean on. I also encourage you to give Family Drug Help a call on 1300 660 068, this is a service that provides practical help, information and support to families and friends impacted by someone’s drug and alcohol use and is staffed by people with lived experience as well.

All the best,



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Re: Potential psychosis

Hi @Snickers1

Sorry to read about your daughter's deterioration. A few years ago my daughter went through the same - was smoking cannabis quite regularly and it triggered a mental health episode. She went off the rails. If you are a concerned that she is deteriorating at a fast rate and is a danger to herself and others please don't hesitate to call a mental health crisis team in your state (CATT here) to have your daughter assessed for her safety. Hope yourndaughter receives the help she needs and improves soon.


Re: Potential psychosis

Hello thanks for your replies. I have just found out my daughter is now in hospital. She lives a long way so I will make the drive to see her. The prop k e who helped her are her old friends. They called an ambulance. I tried to help her but she can be dangerous so I.was scared. I feel very guilty that I couldn't help.her. I.have a mental health condition which is medicated so I know a little bit about psychosis. She was telling me she thought she was a cat. Saying things like that. So I knew she desperately needed help. Hopefully now she will be in good safe hands.

Re: Potential psychosis

Hey Snickers,

Glad to hear your daughter is getting care now I myself have been through this all before....

Not that I am one to give good advice, but she needs to understand after this that she can't smoke weed anymore. It's a long process of recovery, and i really hope she doesn't go back to her old habits... she needs to do an addiction and recovery course as part of her recovery process, in my opinion.

There are alot of resources she can use to stay away after this, here is the alcohol drug and abuse helpline i was reffered to the other day that might help her:

Best of luck to you my friend,



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