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Something’s not right

Re: unwanted thoughts

be lucky to have a 'good' manager in retail........


it's not only managers sometimes it's other 'workers' in the same organisation

i experienced this today - someone told me to 'help' the customer to do something right

at the end of the shift....then after i got back he made a comment that he did it so i could ask the customer for  a date or something like that...very annoying ..i don't understand what goe through

people's minds - it's the end of the day why do they do things like that?



Re: unwanted thoughts

@Maggie  always have 'stale''s Saturday and I still keep replaying yesterday's shift's like I'm still there...I am packing my suitcase going away for a week


Re: unwanted thoughts

@jamesle2015  I hope packing your suitcase, going away for a week, is helpful, if you mean it physically that is.

Your manager sounds a tad strange. I’ve found it can be a projection kind of thing. They project their strange behaviour onto you. It causes confusion and a lot of replay.

Sending warm thoughts hope you find some peace.

Do you have a psych/counsellor? Sorry if you’ve mentioned it already.

Re: unwanted thoughts

@Maggie @The last posting about the end of shift 'helping' wasn't the was another worker in the organisation who isn't there until end of day.... I hope I will have a good time but depends on what people say to me ...if people aren't annoying then it should be ok....but then sometimes people stare because they think I don't fit in or they don't understand....don't understand why I am with the 'oldies' or why I don't have a girlfriend or wife with me....I wish people would mind their own business or at least not say things I can overhear or stare at me ....

maybe it's too much to hope for there will probably be a few people around like that I can't expect too much

Re: unwanted thoughts

@Maggie i got back a few days ago - I had a couple of days off to recover so everything back to 'normal' now. I reckon most customers didn't notice I was away or if they did they don't care. That's good news for me Smiley Happy

I had trouble sleeping - must be partly because of too much eating...the desserts....I had enough in one week to last for ages....normally when I'm home I don't have dessert...I like desserts but I know it's bad for me....

there was an 'old' man at the other table staring at me but someone said maybe it wasn't me it was about the food....but lucky the tables were spread out so they weren't next door

I had to endure some 'lecturing' from the 'oldies' we were with - we know for years but nothing I can do

People try to help but sometimes it gets hard to listen to considering my personal mental health issues...

The other annoying thing is I got an email  from someone at work asking me if I was back at work -

I already informed them I wouldn't be back until later in the week but the manager expected me to be there - strange when I already informed him - so I emailed my colleague who was looking after the shop

and sorted it out - it was on the calendar as well which I mentioned - then there was some minor problem which wasn't entirely my fault and I was 'informed' that the customer went through me - what's the point of telling me ?

Shows how little they care about my 'schedule' - that's how most retailers treat 'casual' staff is it?




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