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Looking after ourselves

Senior Contributor

Ditching the Ciggers

Hi Everyone , am quitting smoking after doing it for 16 years the last time. A good day was a packet, a bad day on the drink, well double that. I have some old patches and lozenges. What could go wrong?  ok to my advantage Im off work so can hide myself away physically to get thru first bit.

ok its day 2. Cat Happy


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Re: Ditching the Ciggers

Cat Happy @eth

Re: Ditching the Ciggers

Awesome stuff @TAB! How's it feeling at the moment?

You got through day 1! Gotta be the hardest yeah?

Looking forward to hearing how you get on and maybe even joining here myself sometime (hopefully soon but going to be realistic too)


Re: Ditching the Ciggers

you;d think so re day 1 but feeling funny this morning @CheerBear ok old patches as said, so prob not working how theyre are supposed to if all. Anyway. shutting self up in house keeps thought to just that, thoughts, if patches not doing their job. Anyway just need til chill a bit here, so will be back later on Cat Happy 

Re: Ditching the Ciggers

@TAB @CheerBear there's an online, free, book written by Alan Carr (I think) which might help you.  I've read it and heard it works really well for a lot of people.  Didn't quite work for me but I did get down to 1-4 cigs a day around this time last year.  It's strange but I don't have the same willpower to do it this time.  The body addiction is overriding the mental desire to get off them so far.

Re: Ditching the Ciggers

I gave up years ago when a lot younger, its a bit similar to this time ie started hungover, shut self up in house, stay away from things that might set you off etc, well for first few days. Yes, bought Alan Carr book years ago after taking it back up again, it didnt work at the time, but bits of it are coming into my head re benefits of quitting and his experiences. so its helpful after the fact i guess. I also did champix years ago and nothing. Its whatever works I guess just keep trying. less than 4 is brilliant, but thats how I started again, 1 a month, 10 a week, 10 a day, just couldnt stop it, then just full blown again after that. @eth @CheerBear  

Re: Ditching the Ciggers

Heading out to wash car now.  Nice to catch you both this morning @TAB @CheerBear.  Hang in there and keep up the good work Tab.

Re: Ditching the Ciggers

No worries @eth  Hi @boot come on down and bring your nicotine puffer lol 

Re: Ditching the Ciggers

Just adding to the Mr.Tabby Cat cheersquad here too @TAB @eth @CheerBear

I need to do the same but not even considering it just yet - need to get my physical and mental health more on track first. I know I am getting there on both of those though so it might happen sooner rather than later.

Interested to see how you go TAB and cheering you on from the sidelines when you need it.

Re: Ditching the Ciggers

I had no idea how many smokers there are on here .. it''s not meant to be an @ Tab cheersquad really, was blabbing to @eth @CheerBear and turns out they smoke too ..sheesh  ..yeah I understand re 'not now' @Zoe7 maybe I'm in 'if not not now' category .. does remind me tho speaking to dr about quitting 10 years ago maybe , he said not now, as I said I was going overseas. I didnt end up going. Just smoking a lot for another 10 years

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