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Looking after ourselves

New Contributor

Useful YouTube links

Just saw a video posted on reddit. Gives some great tips on breaking the OCD cycle and how to go about getting the correct treatment. As a bonus, they've actually brought up how people trivialise the illness in everyday life by saving thinks like "I'm sooooo OCD".

Please share any helpful videos you've come across!


Re: Useful YouTube links

Hi @ForestGreen - thanks for sharing this! 


Very interesting and I think it is really important to flag the way people use language and the impact that can have on stigma around things like OCD. Just a heads up when sharing videos, to be sure its from a reputable source and not identifying of yourself in line with our guidelines (just for others that might reply here!) 


Also welcome to the forums @ForestGreen - you might like to head over to Introduce yourself here to share a bit about you and some more members would love to welcome you I am sure! 

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