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Senior Contributor

It's a good day

I'm feel good for the first time in a long time....


Today is 3 years since I came out as *insert my name* 


Coming out as trans was the best thing I've done for myself. 3 years down the road and I'm so proud of myself. It's also been 14 months in T today. 


This man loves himself now. Yes I have a serious ED but it's not because I hate the man I've become





Also I'm walking (I did 10m today 😁)....68 days down after a significant suicide attempt that I was told I might not walk again and I'm on my feet (with a support frame but I'm doing it) 


Despite my mental illnesses it is possible to have good days and I need to remember that on the bad. 


Things change, nothing stays the same. 


Re: It's a good day

@greenpea this

Re: It's a good day

Oh @The-red-centaur 

as soon as I saw the heading I just had to read your post. 
I'm so so happy thst you walked a little 

I was smiling for you. 
I've followed your other post and I'm glad you're still here 

tske care ❤️

Re: It's a good day

@The-red-centaur  Hey The-red-centaur you are so right 'things change nothing stays the same'. We are all so proud and happy for you and your achievements. What you are achieving is inspirational Smiley Happyxxxxx Love your friend pea

Re: It's a good day

Well done @The-red-centaur - you've taken some significant steps. Literally.

And I'm so very glad to hear you say that today is a good day. I know it's been a long, difficult time for you recently. Keep that good feeling in your heart ♥

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