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Casual Contributor


Hi this is my first time posting a message so I’m not sure what to expect or how to go about it. 9 weeks ago I had major heart surgery which was a success but I’m still experiencing sadness and panic attacks. I feel grateful but at the same time I think I should feel more positive and happy. I’ve previously had anxiety and depression so I know the symptoms but right now it’s quite overwhelming. Any ideas 


Senior Contributor

Re: Newby

Hi and welcome to the forums, heart surgery is pretty major, it might take you awhile to come to terms with it. 

How are you feeling apart from overwhelmed? 

Senior Contributor

Re: Newby

Hi @Budster.  Welcome.  I'm a newby on here too.  For sadness, reaching out and connecting to others like you're doing is a great start.  When i need to actually talk and i feel like there's no one around, ive been using 24/7 support hotlines (lifeline,etc)  you can opt to be anonymous on them (like here) and their all trained counsellors.  I've been doing that as well as getting on here for peer support. For panic attacks....i try to breath in for 4 seconds, expand my stomach, hold for 4 seconds and breath out for six seconds and repeat. Tips i got from others.  The breathing can feel awkward but it helps take the edge of the panic.  

Re: Newby

My body has recovered really well
The panic attacks are testing me
I was up at 4am this morning

Re: Newby


Re: Newby

Hi Budster, 

This is my first post on the forum, and had to reply to yours - I read you had heart surgery and were still dealing with the anxiety and everything that goes with it - I hope you are feeling a bit better now.... 

I had a heart attack back in February - which was stress related - and am still dealing with major anxiety daily - I was prior to it as well but its got worse since then...  I just wanted to say you are not alone - and I dont think anyone can tell you when it will be over or when it will settle - just breathe through it.....  its all I have been doing....   and I guess all you can do...  so gentle hugs....  and hope things improve.  xxx

Re: Newby

Thanks for taking the time to read and reply to my message. All the best for your recovery . I’ve been researching all sorts of ways to manage the anxiety and emotions. My breathing technique works most times but other times I call someone which helps too

Thanks again 🙏😃

Senior Contributor

Re: Newby

@Budster. No wonder  the depression and panic attacks are back.  You  probably haven't  processed the  thought that you  nearly  died.  You  just had heart surgery.  That's a big thing. 

Try and stop  this now before  it becomes  too severe.  Go and see your gp,  psychologist &/or psychiatrist and start the process to being back to your old self 

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