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Senior Contributor

Days Gone By.

I think a lot about how the world has changed over the years.I have a lot of time to think.I look back in my life time to when the world was a better place for various reasons.Back then we didnt have the technology of mobile phones back then.Imagine a telephone that you could use to make phone calls but you could use it as a camera,a voice recorder,a calculator, maps, radio,video player,storing and playing music,sending messages and photos,video calls and so much more.Whoever thought that would happen? The internet wasnt invented then.Children played outside and rode their bikes.People were social creatures by visiting each other.We lived a life of face to face lifestyles. We went out to do our shopping,not buy things online.If you were a kid the local butcher gave you some sample of smallgoods while you were with your mum as she ordered meet for the week.You drove around looking for the cheaper prices petrol stations.You watch tv at night with your family and sat at the dining table to have your meals.Takeaway food was a once a week treat. The world was a much simpler place.Most parents educated their children how to save money so they could buy things they wanted.The behaviour of people of all ages was better back then.The weather was better back then.It rained during Autumn and Winter.We all looked forward to that.The summer weather was usually comfortable except for the odd hot day.Dating was achieved by going out and actually meeting people in public. Friends and families visited each other.People respected each other.Customer service was superb.Businesses looked after their customers.Nearly everything was made locally not imported.The old fashioned way was the real way that people like me still value.Fashions and trends come and go but it comes back again. Cant wait for new houses to be light colours not dark.The world was brighter and lighter.The variety of cakes and pastries in bakeries were a real treat.Locally made cars and the dealerships that sold them were a wonderful site as you drove past.


As I'm in my late 50s now I enjoy looking back on times gone by.What do you like looking back on from your past or even reading up on years before you were born? Share your thoughts here.

Thanks for reading my post.I hope it brightens your day.


Re: Days Gone By.

Hi @Denv12 ,

Thanks for your post.  It' a fun topic. 


For me I think about music a lot, i grew up with Grunge and can still listen to it fondly today.  It's nice that some of my favourite bands are still kicking out tunes and that I have been fortunate enough to see quite a few of them in concert.


I also ponder waves, the beach and the ocean a lot.  I spent a lot of time growing up around the ocean and later surfed daily for a long long time.  It's hard to beat having a good break to yourself, even on the days when its not great, you still have the pick of the waves.  There's something about the ocean that is invirgorating and refreshing to the mind and soul. 


Unless you have done it for a period of time I think it's hard to understand the attachment and love that's there.  


Re: Days Gone By.

Hi @Denv12   


Loved your post.  Made me think and smile.  I am 50 next year and spent my teenage years in the 80's.  I miss that era greatly.  I loved the music (even though I also love the music from the 50's, 60's and 70's.  Everything was big in the 80's.  Hair and shoulder pads come first to mind.  Flouro was huge in the fashion world as was bright make-up.  Everyone seemed so relaxed and happy back then for the most part.  Yes we got on our bikes every weekend and just took off until tea.  Then after tea in the street playing handball with the other kids in the street.  When it got dark we just moved the handball court under a street light.  Parents would constantly call you inside but you kept playing seeing how long you could stretch out your play time until you were practically dragged inside.  

And speaking of neighbours, you actually knew them by name and spoke to them over the fence for a chin wag.  If you needed help with something a knock on a neighbours door and help was there with a smile and a 'sure mate no probs'.

Money did not seem to be as much of a problem as it is now.  Usually if you needed or wanted something you just went out and bought it (or saved up until you could).  Now you seem to save but really don't get anywhere as everything constantly increases in price except for wages.  

Movies and TV shows were fantastic in the 70's and 80's.  No reality TV, just entertaining shows that everyone loved.  And fantastic young actors that we all loved and admired.

Yes nostalga has hit me lol.  The thing is you don't  realise at the time how great the era was until it is gone and you start looking back.

I would so love to borrow the TARDIS from The Doctor and go back in time and enjoy it all over again.........................................

If only.

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