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Reliving the good times together :)


My name is @natanne, I'm 19, and I have BPD :/

I've been looking for a place to talk to other people like me for a while, so I'm glad that I finally found one!

Anyways, I wanted to start a discussion on talking about the good things in life, and what keeps us all going Smiley Happy

For today, I'm going to say the best thing that has happened to me in the last 24 hours is finding this site!

Feel free to leave a comment about the best thing that's happened to you today down below Smiley Happy



Re: Reliving the good times together :)

Welcome @natanne, your post is a great way to start in the forum. Look forward to reading some of the replies.
Wenna on of the week-end moderators.

Re: Reliving the good times together :)

@natanne Hi natanne and welcome to the forum. Ummm .... the best thing that has happened to me today was waking up and hearing silence. Both my kidults are in their beds so now I can cruise the internet in peace Smiley Happy. Have a great day. Love peax

Re: Reliving the good times together :)

@natanne  it is great you have found this site I am new and have learnt much. Although I do not have BPD my Daughter in law does. We have known this young lady  for 3 years now. She was lost and really unsupported by anyone even bullied by authority figures. After 3 years of retraining her life experiences and her expectations she is a lot different. I see her struggle still daily with her BPD but as we have assisted her to find things to do like Rural Fire Brigade it has helped. I am not saying it is for everyone but does work for us. 

I have PTSD and need to divert thoughts from my CSA.  The Adrenaline helps as well as the team work we have. 

@natanne stay on this forum talk to us and read our stories it has helped me greatly. Remember when life treads on us we will always beat it as we are strong we are better than what life shows us. 


Re: Reliving the good times together :)

hi @natanne and welcome
I am 22 and have BPD, I only found out about 2 yrs ago so similar age to when you diagnosed.
im glad you've reached out for some supports. happy to chat anytime, just put an @ before my name and itll tag me for you. feel free to have a look around the site and join in where you feel comfortable as well.

Re: Reliving the good times together :)

@outlander thanks for getting back to me!
I was wondering if you had any advice for me in terms of meeting other people with BPD, specifically young people?
Id love to be able to get in contact with other young people with BPD. but I just dont know how!

Re: Reliving the good times together :)

In terms of meeting others with BPD or young people with mh , your local mental health team or headspace centre might be a good place to start as they often hold group therapies and/or social outings for young people with mental health issues.
do you think you could contact your local headspace centre and/or community mental health centre and see if they have anything happening that you could join in with?

Re: Reliving the good times together :)


I just remembered about the BPD foundation which ill add the website here for you. they have information about bpd and also services such as supports and groups for the different states. hopefully there might be something on here that's helpful for you too...

Re: Reliving the good times together :)

hello and hugs @natanne , @outlander , @Maxi7 , @greenpea Heart

Re: Reliving the good times together :)

@Shaz51 Heartxx

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