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Re: Who Loves Reading Books?

I like all sorts of fiction and non fiction.  I BELIEVE in libraries.  I try and keep the books and shelves under control.  I have always bought secondhand, only rarely new. Most recent  new books I've bought are to support local writers.  Today I bought a chapbook of poems and splurged at the opshop for tops ...

Smiley LOL


Re: Who Loves Reading Books?

Wow - books and reading - I love them


@Appleblossom @Denv12 @Sans911 @jay2 @BlueBay 


I often buy a National Geographic Magazine - or I borrow one from somewhere and then I take them back or leave them a my own clinic - I believe in recycling magazines


I am interested in so many different subjects - anthropology is one of them - war history and Royal Family History - Also philosophy - I have a lot of books myself


Some novels I read over and over again until they fall apart and I replace them - others I will get back to and read now and again and some I leave at a library at U3A


I became interested in Queen Victoria a few years back when I saw a series on SBS - Queen Victoria's Children and since then I have read a lot as well as different series of Royal Family History on SBS - a new one is Queen Victoria and her 9 Children - she was a tyrant really - and found widowhood harder than most I think when her husband died when they were only 42 and she had 5 daughters and 4 sons who were of the "Royal Blood" to raise and influence


Okay - Monday night is the second episode if other people are interested - I would love to hear other people's opinions



Re: Who Loves Reading Books?

Bibliophile here Smiley Happy


A mix of non-fiction/fiction. Anything that helps me live a better life, so books on philosophy, self help, business etc. Very wide ranging fiction tastes but poetry is always lovely. Great post idea @Denv12 Heart

Re: Who Loves Reading Books?

Hey there and a huge welcome @Denv12 🖐


What a great way to introduce yourself! 👍😄

Your list seems very similar to mine - a bit of everything; I'm a non fiction geek too.


I could probably count on one hand novels I've finished in my lifetime. The most impressive was a hard back copy of The Da Vinci Code. It, along with a selected few, are my top shelf picks. The oldest is a cook book from the late 70's by Tess Mallos, a Greek/Australian.


I used to read a lot on body/energy work and even got my Reiki Cert's. These days it's more about brain function and how it relates to recovery. My psychologist has referred some rippers which really helped me get my head around cptsd and its cause.


I see you've only posted once. Would love to see more from you if you're up to it. This is a non judgemental and safe space to be yourself, so please, let us get to know you a bit better and vice-versa. 😊☕ 


Looking forward to hearing from you...

Hope Heart 👵

Re: Who Loves Reading Books?

Yes, I have enjoyed all of the royalty series on SBS . I think dear old Vicky had a mental illness, definitely a depressive one, she also enjoyed her sex life ,so she possibly could have been BP2.

Re: Who Loves Reading Books?

Hellllloooo @jay2 , @Denv12 , @Hope4me , @Ali11 , @Dec  @Appleblossom , @greenpea ,

this has been very interesting , I am reading a magazines all about diabetes at the moment xx

Re: Who Loves Reading Books?

Hi Hope4me.

I love your positive reply.Thank you for brightening my day.I'll gladly post again.Just got to figure out some more good topics.

Re: Who Loves Reading Books?

Hi Ali11.

Thank you for your reply.This topic is getting popular.I'm so impressed.

I'm glad there are people out there reading.I thought we were a fading breed.

Re: Who Loves Reading Books?

I looked back through my books collection of non fiction books since I originally posted.What a brain fog.I read dating books. I read a lot of them.Still got them.I found those books to be good so I can get a little bit of confidence at the very least.Thats making me feel better.I'm not as insecure as I thought I was.I learn a lot from those books too.Self help books are great.You never know when it might just make a difference.Now,if only I wasnt single.I'll just dream about not being single. Maybe there should be a tv show people who have health issues.

Re: Who Loves Reading Books?

@Denv12, don`t forget to put a @ in front of members nameso they will get your message to them xxx

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