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Something’s not right

Re: Chest Pain

Hey @Orwellian


I am really sorry to hear that you have been having chest pains, I am just wanting to check in with you. Please keep an eye out for an email I have sent you. 

Warmest Regards, 




Re: Chest Pain

Received & Replied.

Re: Chest Pain


Your descriptions of the medical system around you reminds me oif the conversations I have with my son.  You are regional and we are urban but the economic realities are true and I have deliberately removed myself from people I feel are largely financially driven.  Unfortunately when you are in real need ... knowing others agree with you ... still does not help ... or provide the care you need.


Just posting pics and sending a hello 

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Re: Chest Pain

I know what goes on as I used to work there. The public do not know how bad it is.


Re: Chest Pain

Hi @Orwellian 

how are you feeling today? Has the pain eased off? 


Re: Chest Pain

I am still getting it at times.


Will be driving interstate in the next few days. I might have it looked at then.

Re: Chest Pain

I really hope you do get it checked out @Orwellian 

take care xx

Re: Chest Pain

@Orwellian . I have a similar experience to yours.  In that I worked for the health network.  They out me in danger.  I ended up on WorkCover with PTSD Anxiety and depression.  This was 5 years ago.  Am pretty much still shattered. 

Once when I had to call an ambulance,  I explained my situation and demanded they took me to the other hospital,  about an hour twenty minutes away.  Instead of my old workplace which is only 50 minutes away. 

If you do ever need to go to hospital in an emergency,  tell them why you can't go there.  Guilt them into taking you to the further hospital,  if you need to. 

Next chest pain,  go to your gp.  At least there they can run an ECG and see if it is heart related. 

Most of my chest pain has always been due to anxiety. 

Re: Chest Pain

Thanks @utopia 


I know I am not alone. The thing is that you seem to be writing from an urban situation. I am not.


The local GP's do not have their own ECG's as they would just refer to the local ED. If I were to call an ambulance the local Health Service is 10 mins away. The next few hospitals with ED's are also the same and also were my workplace. To go to one which isn't would be asking the Ambulance to drive me interstate, which they will not do unless they ar authorised.  The closest non-aligned hospital is about 3 hours drive. The Private Hospitals only have profit driven facilities, so nothing to help there unless I want surgery or imaging.

I have a letter telling me I cannot enter their premises or approach it. So I do not have a health service. Anyway I have been here long enough and nature will take it's course.

Re: Chest Pain

@Orwellian .

No,  I don't live in the city or the suburbs.  I live 2 and a 1/2.maybe 3 hours from the city. 

We have a little private country in my township of 3,000 people.  I can't use it.  And they don't offer emergency.  The majority of the patients are elderly. 

My ex employer is in what we call the large town (although really it's a small city town).  They don't have a good reputation.  And I try and avoid them if I can. 

The next proper hospital is still a small hospital but has an emergency department.

If I want to go to a city hospital,  the nearest one to us,  in the suburbs,  is a 2 hour drive. 

Living in the country is a real hindrance when you need health care. 

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