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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor

Saw my counsellor.

Hi, Saw my counsellor today.  She is reluctant to start therapy with me until I have a support system around me.  So, I have agreed to go for a psych assessment and she is going to look into free services for me.  The problem is that I am dealing with a lot in real life, I am burned out and I am dissociating in a way where I could be planning some fun task one moment and ready to suicide or self-harm the next.  Lol, if I went to hospital, they probably think I was joking with them or lying cause I look, sound and feel fine.  It's that everytime something happens at home, my nephew is rude, my mother insists on getting her way, etc, I can go from normal to suicidal in seconds and it takes some effort to get me out of that state, distraction helps, waiting it out mostly.  So, if anyone has any ideas of groups or organizations that can help, let me know.


Re: Saw my counsellor.

It's great that you are getting the help you need @Lemonjuice, there has been mentioned of GROW groups in this forum. We don't have experience with them but I think @Shaz51 has mentioned that Mr Shaz found it useful. 

Re: Saw my counsellor.

@Ali11 yes, that is one of the things on my list of 'to do's'.  There's also here, Lifeline and hospital.  Lol, maybe I have scared her...she's wanting extra services around it will be the local exorcist.

Re: Saw my counsellor.

So true. Are you able to "map out" your support network? Maybe that will help her visualise it @LemonjuiceSmiley Happy

Re: Saw my counsellor.

there has been mentioned of GROW groups in this forum. @Lemonjuice , @Ali11 

@Darcy`s mr darcy has found this good xxx

Re: Saw my counsellor.

@Ali11 I was diagnosed many years ago with DID, so there are some of us who are there to prevent suicides and self-harm.  So there's an internal map as well as external map to be worked out.  I only have seen my new counsellor some seven times, so we are working out the details and getting to know each other.

Re: Saw my counsellor.

@Shaz51 yeah, just got to go now.  My mum's going to be p'd off with me...another thing I am doing instead of sitting on the couch with her all day.  Breathe...  I will find a way to sneak it in with other activities.

Re: Saw my counsellor.



I had a similar immediate flip into high Si from apparently functional.

I had a therapist who told me to do that a few years ago.  I think she was scared I might do it on her watch.  I am still here.

Take Care

Re: Saw my counsellor.

Thanks for the clarification! I knew someone was talking about it the other day and that you had been part of the conversation @Shaz51Smiley Happy  


That's great that you are getting to know your new counsellor @Lemonjuice, here's hoping it all goes well.  

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