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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor

So pissed off

So pissed off right now! The tradies that were lying & abusive to me in my rental last year have just turned up 45 minutes early!!

i had organised for an advocate to be here w me for when they arrived. 

To be a witness if it happened again. & to help w my anxiety about having them in the house. 

She can't get here 4 another 15 mins which would have bn 15 mins before they arrived 

I'm freaking out!

@& when I said to him " oh I thought u were meant to get here at 2:00. ??"

he just shrugged his shoulders & said " yeh? So? We are early?" Really aggressively & intimidatingly & I had to let him in. 

I hate these men. 


Re: So pissed off

Hi @Serenity1 


I can see how you would feel so annoyed at the situation you were put in. It sounds like you were treated with no respect at all! I hope your advocate was able to get there and support you. Please feel free to let us know that you are alright.


take care 


Re: So pissed off

@Whitehawk thanks so much- I haven't been back on since I posted this so forgot about it.
Sorry about that.
Yeh it was really scary experience- but got through it somehow. Thanks for your kindeness😊

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