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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor


For the first time in my life. I’m actually crying about my step-fathers actions he’s mental and emotional abuse. Where as it has always been anger. Now the flood gates are open.


Re: Step-father

Hello @Jhaneylena I'm sorry to hear that you've been through a horrible time with abuse, and that things are really hard right now. I can't know what it's like for you, though I have also experienced mental and emotional abuse from a parent. It's devastating that someone who you should be able to trust can cause such deep hurt. I can relate to the anger; for a long time it felt like that was all that was keeping me going. Often there is also a lot of grief involved and that's how it was for me, though it didn't come out till much later.

Do you have a GP that you trust? Sometimes they can link you to others that can help. I have been seeing a psychologist for over 4 years and it has really helped me. You may already know, but just in case - GPs can make a mental health care plan for you that allows you to get 10 subsidised sessions with a psychologist over a year. It can be hard to find one who's a good fit, but I've been very fortunate. Take care.


Re: Step-father

The strange thing is I was never angry at him. I was angry at my mother. I forgave him along time ago and at the time flew down for his funeral. My mum and I are at a better place together now but was angry at her most of my life. There are things we just can’t talk about or she won’t so I’ve had to accept that. I’m still looking for the right doctors and have done two mental health plans but couldn’t connect. I loved just to see one not many.

thankyou for your response and words of wisdom.


Re: Step-father

Keep reaching out and I hope that you eventually find good people and professionals to connect with.  It has certainly taken me a long itme, but has been worth it.


Re: Step-father

It's difficult to know what to say as I'm not sure what age you are but regardless of how old you are please stay safe! 


Re-reading you post it's not clear whether your step-father's actions are new or your feelings towards them are new. If it's the first I'm going to say it again please stay safe! If it's your feelings that are new have a look at the seven stages of grieving. 


Let me know what you think x


Re: Step-father

The feelings towards are new

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