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Looking after ourselves


Re: writing as a form of therapy

@Mazarita   Thankyou for your Michael Leunig quote this morning. I needed that today. I shared it with someone, they have shared it with someone, so you have the ripple effect happening today. 💙💙💙💙


@Silenus @eth @WriterMelb @Appleblossom  👋👋👋💛💛💛


Re: writing as a form of therapy

Really good to hear your writing story @WriterMelb 




Yes identifying details can be a problem.

Thanks @eth 

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any thoughts ????

Re: writing as a form of therapy


I'm breathing.

I'm alive.

I have another chance in life.

Thank you.


Re: writing as a form of therapy

Hi @Appleblossom   Just my feelings - if I were in the same situation - I'd be distancing myself a bit from this person.  Especially if you're waking up at night due to concerns about her words/behaviour.  And also I sense that she may be more concerned about keeping her income coming in than that you actually need twice a week.  Remember, especially when it comes to your NDIS money, you have 'choice and control' - if you feel 2 x benefits you then persist, but as a professional she shouldn't be bringing her personal beliefs into her communications with you.  Commenting on your clothing the way she did is out of order too.   Just my opinion here, not telling you what you should do.


@Aeiou   glad you are still with us.


Hi @Maggie @WriterMelb @Mazarita @Silenus 


Hope today is as good as it can be for all here.



Through all of  my ramblings

from heaven to hell,


it never occurred to me

that right here, right now

was one of the options.




Re: writing as a form of therapy

Thank you for your timely reply. @eth 


My psychologist called today, and we came to similar conclusions.


In some ways it is only a small thing, but the HUGE thing for me is having people listen to me long enough, understanding my situation, and simply being able to discuss it. My learning edge seems all about boundaries ...

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Re: writing as a form of therapy



Its a roller coaster ride we live us creative bipolar people. Ive been offline for a couple of days editing and polishing my competition short story entry. I made the submission ten minutes ago and its gone. I'm relieved and am just OVER IT. I am sick of the sight of it.


Its been a task Ive wanted to do for over twelve months. Its now done. BIG TICK ✅  Once the entry was complete I had to sedate myself and sleep for a few hours. Then I could do the final checks and make the submission. (I was in a bit of a state.)


Hearing about your creative journey is a privilege. Thank you. Like you when my mind is unstable it becomes a bucking horse that can be out of control. These times for me I have output that is erratic or that doesn't happen. I  don't get mania as I'm bipolar 2. I just fall into a massive turbulent black hole. Similar but different chaos.


I love reading poetry but writing it is not my thing. One of my favourite poets is Aileen Kelly who I knew as a friend. It's exciting to have poetry competion wins awarded. Your writing when judged by other poets must be high quality to win.


Writing fiction for me it just pours out, "writing itself'. Funny thing if I get serious and attempt to write well it all becomes rubbish. The only way for me is to relax and write like you are throwing it away. Then the magic happens.


I need to catch up on sane posts but for the rest of today I'm going to rest and look after myself.



Re: writing as a form of therapy

Hearing about some of your creative journey is a privelege. @WriterMelb  I know a lot of people in writing in Melb, vollied at Writ Vic etc etc...


@ethknows enough of my history to realise why I might be conflicted and serious about it, rather than competitive. I am extremely sensitive to aspects in competition that are destructive rather than generative, in both music and literature and personality development. 


Aileen Kelly sounds very interesting. Thx for sharing about her.



Smiley HappyHeart


Re: writing as a form of therapy

Hey @Appleblossom  I logged on and saw you had tagged me  4 times so I came straight here - you're BIG news seems to have disappeared, but I saw it and I know how good that migh be feeling, such a huge relief for you.  Better late than never, tho' I understand what a toll it took for your son.  Let's catch up on A long rave  if you want to talk more about that.

Also really get how you feel about competition/competitiveness and it's less ideal aspects at times.  It's not for everyone, and is new for me - for me it's not about being 'better than' but about feeling I have something to offer with my words - I don't have much else that I offer the world these days.  Part of our family programming is to 'contribute something to the body of knowledge' and I guess that's still driving me at some deep level.

Your writing is your writing and I always appreciate the way you do it.  And I think I understand your motivations a little by now.  Heart  Best wishes for getting clearer about the boundaries you want and whether or not you want to continue with the writing group.


@WriterMelb  thanks for your sharing about how writing is for you too.  And about how bipolar 2 is for you.  I'll def look at Aileen's poetry.  Good on you for hitting the send button with your story.  I agree about writing as if you were throwing it away - I had an online teacher YehYeh Louisa Tesh who suggested actually getting a nice bin and lining it with scented bag (I have lavender) and putting in it any scribbles that you don't turn into a honed work.  Then coming back to it periodically for inspiration.  It works for me.  I sometimes do what I call 'splurge' writing - just pour it out without analysis or edit, or concern about anyone else seeing it - I think it's quite a healing thing to do.  


Heading over to the The Weekly Friday Feast  now for a bit, but will be around for a while if either of you are wanting to chat.


Re: writing as a form of therapy

Words will scratch more hearts than swords





Re: writing as a form of therapy

Love this Snowie

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